It’s a Small World

No, this isn’t a post about some Kevin Bacon-esque finding of someone a million miles away through WoW or anything like that.

However, I must say: mmmmmmmmm…….. bacon.


So I rolled my blood elf warrior and have been leveling him with Tir’s holy cow.

I started in the blood elf starting area (duh) and completed all the quests in the “cradle” without any BoA gear.

I think I was 5 or 6 when I was told I was ready to move on to Falconwing Square.

Which I promptly ran through, stopping long enough to pick up the flight point (WTF?!?) and eating at the bountiful tables.

Hung a left to Silvermoon, picking up the flight point and finding the BE quartermaster.

Found a mailbox and got BoAs. I could have gotten them back in the starter zone, but I wasn’t expecting there to be a mailbox right there.

A quick click on a translocation orb and I was in Undercity.

Picked up Pilgrim’s Bounty quests and started working on cooking.

Bounced between Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, and Undercity as needed to complete cooking with a small foray into Tirisfal to kill turkeys.

Cooking complete, headed out of TB and met up with Tir down by Bloodhoof Village and commenced leveling in earnest.

Leveled through Mulgore.

Moved in to Northern Barrens. Helped Mankrik with a little revenge.

Took a quick sight-seeing tour of Ashenvale.

Started queuing for dungeons.

Briefly returned to SM for my riding training.

Cleared Stonetalon. Awesome new quests and phasing.

Destroyed Desolace. A LOT more interesting than last time I did the zone.

Quick side trip back to SM for better riding.

Thousand Needles. Whoo boy! Incredible changes to transportation, underwater movement, etc. And my new favorite quest of all time is in here. More to come on that later.

Still queuing for dungeons.

Ran through Tanaris to get to Un’Goro Crater.

Entered Un’Goro and began swearing profusely because my herbalism wasn’t cool enough for the zone.

Track back through Thousand Needles picking plants.

Back to Un’Goro. Leave not much in our wake because I am skinning and herbing everything that moved.

Hit 55.

Time to move on to Silithus, which is where we left off the other night.

So what is my point?

One – the baby of the family is now the same level as my poor, neglected glyph bitch, er, I mean, paladin.

Two – With the exception of the Pilgrim’s Bounty and me having to return to SM to purchase riding…





It dawned on me while I was scouring Un’Goro for the Zelda quest chain (it’s been removed, so sorry kiddies) and reminiscing about how that quest line had me going all over the freaking world.

We haven’t had to go anywhere.

Each quest chain more or less leads neatly into the next quest hub (at which there is a flight point and inn).

Return to a major city and there is a breadcrumb trail directing you to the next appropriate zone.

55 levels and we really haven’t left Kalimdor.

We’ll most likely be Outland-ready after Silithus.

On the one hand, because this is my umpteenth alt, I appreciate the directness.

On the other hand, I think new players are missing out.

Granted, they’ll not be able to skip zones like I did due to the BoAs, but if they figure out dungeon queuing, they will also fly through levels.

It will be possible to have max level characters that haven’t seen half the world.

That just seems kind of sad.

With all the leaps they made with transportation (did I mention I have my own private river boat?), it seems like there could have been more cross-continental questing without it being the headache that it was before (did I mention hot air balloon rides? And wind riders? And more boats? And flight points everywhere?).

Anyone else leveling and missing some of the old, convoluted quest chains?


2 comments on “It’s a Small World

  1. Nina says:

    I did the opposite – levelled entirely in Eastern Kingdoms. I had heirloom shoulders and chest. I skipped Arathi and Hinterlands entirely, and most of southern Stranglethorn and Searing Gorge. Landed at 58 without ever going to Org.

    I’m glad that I can do this; I still need loremaster of kalimdor on my main, and this way I’m not bored with any of the kalimdor quests.


  2. Tracey says:

    “Anyone else leveling and missing some of the old, convoluted quest chains?”

    Nope! I’m nothing but excited to see quest chains that make sense – those run to A, back to B, now to C, back to B, back to A, now to D, back to B chains just felt silly, to me. I really enjoyed how the Tirisfal Glades & Silverpine Forest quests just flowed – I was always in the right place to be all heroic – no Fed Ex runs!

    Now, I do love to explore and see the fantastic places of Azeroth, but I’d rather do that while I’m being all heroic – as part of my questing, that is, instead of it feeling like a chore.


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