I’m not dead yet!

Although I am sick as a dog again.

Went to the midnight release of Cataclysm with Tir to keep him company in line.

My beautiful Collector’s Edition was to be shipped to me sometime on the 7th.

(After threatening to not ship until the 9th, Amazon finally moved my date to the 7th.)

I think the late night in the cold did me no favors.

But I met some great people and the Horde outnumbered the Alliance by about the whole line to 3 willing to admit they played Alliance.

My other roommate also happened to order a collector’s edition from Amazon.

We both checked our shipment tracking the morning of the 7th, me anxious as a kid on Christmas and she with less excitement than would be given to a pair of cute shoes. (She’s a casual and she does own some really cute shoes so I can forgive her.)

Mine is scanned for leaving the shipping facility at 5:43 AM.

Hers leaves the same facility about 20 minutes later.

Both are shipping UPS.

She has hers by 10 AM.

Delivered by a plainclothes delivery driver in an unmarked Toyota Camry.


Every time a leaf rustles in the front yard, I’m at the window, nose pressed to the glass.

Hours go by.

I begin to wonder if the delivery driver figured out what it was and “delivered” it to his own house.


After 7 PM, the familiar brown van pulls up and a man hands over a 5.6 lb package to me while I snatch it out of his hands like a starved dog being handed a steak.

I walk inside.

And it hits me.


I get the box open, claim my code for Landro’s Gift box (actually Tir did it for me).

Tir had already installed the game off his disk that morning, so all that was left was to upgrade my key.

Log in.

Claim Deathy.

Cute little bugger.

Poke at some screens.

Get flying in Azeroth.

Do some dailies on my priest (he has to be first to 85).

Run a Wrath heroic. (I’m a little rusty on my healing.)

Decide that horizontal is better than vertical and go to bed.

All that excitement and it got washed away as soon as it arrived.

So I’m not dead yet, although I feel like it.

All of this is really a round about way of me saying that next time, I’m ordering my expansion from a local store.

If I’m going to risk getting sick standing in line in the winter (hey, Blizzard! how about a spring release next time?) I want to walk away from the store at midnight with my expansion right then and there.

Oh, it has been brought to my attention that *shock!* my blog roll links are out of date. I promise to rectify this Soon ™. In the meantime, if you’re trying to find Jaedia, the Lazy Sniper has moved to Jaedia’s Menagerie at http://menagerie.jaedia.net/

Oh oh, yes, I am *really* far behind on reading blogs again. My reader is down to 201 at this second, down from 1000+ (apparently Google’s feedreader gives up counting after 1000).

Oh oh oh is ho ho ho backwards. If I do curl up in a ball and die from this crap, I want you to all know I wish you a happy Winterveil!

6 comments on “I’m not dead yet!

  1. Sephrenia says:

    What did you get in your Landro’s Gift Box? I got Path of Cenarius, which was the one I most wanted of the lesser options :)

    Hope you feel much, much better soon.


  2. Delerius says:

    HA! I knew you would be leveling your priest main first. Glad to hear you actually got your expansion :)

    Feel better and happy leveling!


  3. gravedust13 says:

    Aarg.. Yeah the plague is making the rounds, seems like. :/ Hope you feel better soon and have fun in Cataland!


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