I’m on a bug!

It’s just like being on a boat.

Except it’s a submarine.

And I can’t actually get on it.

So I guess it’s really nothing like it.

Looking back at Wrath through my handy-dandy Rose-Tinted Lenses, I don’t recall bugs.

Oh, I’m sure there were plenty and I’m sure I bitched about them.

But realistically, for what could have gone horrifically wrong in this expansion, very little actually has.

There are two quests in Vashj’ir that involve being on a submarine, the Verne, piloted by the goblin “Jewels.”

Let that sink in for a second…

OK, so the first quest, Full Circle, has you boarding the Verne when it docks next to a ship on the surface of the zone.

(Vashj’ir has a surface? Whoa!)

A little ladder extends to the deck of the sub, a door opens, you step inside, meet the fanciful crew, and begin your journey 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Except the door doesn’t open.

It LOOKS like it opens, but fooled you!




You thought you could get on the cute little submarine!

No big deal, there’s a hatch on the bottom.

Except it doesn’t open either!

You fell for it again!

It is possible to stay on the deck of the submarine and take it to its destination (which is what I ended up doing) to move on to the next quest line.

At the end of the path, the doors open for real real not for play play and you can enter the ship.

The merry goblin crew escorts you to your quarters and offers you a cup of hot chocolate with real marshmallows in it.



The marshmallows aren’t real! They’re those nasty little “marbits” like you find in kids cereal.

Fooled you again!

The marshmallows aren’t real because the hot chocolate isn’t real because there is no crew to offer it to you!

You can wander around the ghost submarine while it paths back and forth.

I did find this little piece of art on the wall:

But be careful!

You thought you could breathe in the submarine, right?

You did the quests and got your Sea Legs buff, right?


You will appear to be on “dry” land inside the submarine, you will appear to have your Sea Legs buff for being in the zone, but you’ll still drown!

Unless you get up to the door that won’t open, at which point the game acts as if you’re swimming. You can swim against the door until your head graphic is being shoved through the door into the sea outside, at which point your Sea Legs buff kicks in and you can breathe in the sub.

OK, so the quest is bugged.

Moving on.

(After a server restart I was able to pick this one back up and complete it.)

You get back to the next quest hub and swim in to the little grotto.



Oh yeah, it’s something that the submarine would have scared off, except it was bugged so you need to sneak around the edge of the grotto.

I’m not sure if it would have taken any notice of me, but I wasn’t willing to risk it.

Complete all the quests out of that hub and get ready to move on to the quest Defending the Rift.

Talk to Erunak to get sent to the Abyssal Breach.

Watch a cut scene of the Verne descending with little sonar beeps.

See the crew of the sub for a split second….


You are now alone on an abandoned submarine circling the Abyss forever!

And you’re going to drown again!

Abandoning the quest ports you back to Erunak at the last hub and you can safely pick the quest up to keep in your log until Blizzard fixes this shit (which the rolling restart did not do for me).

Other than those 2 quests, so far questing in Vashj’ir has been loads of fun.

I’m doing just fine in my holy spec, just lolsmiting the hell out of everything.

Haven’t upgraded any gear yet, I have a bag full of, “well, it’s *almost* an upgrade, meh, keep it for later if nothing better comes along.”

As soon as I can properly defend the rift, I’ll be moving on the Hyjal I think. Something about rep I need to grind there…


3 comments on “I’m on a bug!

  1. Jess says:

    I encountered a few glitches on alliance side — wait, I didn’t say that… /mumbles; Ok, I did. :P
    Nothing as exotic as yours, mostly just wonky cutscenes. When your camera is supposed to pan around to watch the cinematic but you get stuck in one spot instead staring at a wall? Yeah, that’s what I saw. :/

    Deepholm is fun.
    Uldum is MORE fun. ^_^


  2. Runzwithfire says:

    I haven’t come across a single bug yet, *woot* go me!!! Mind you I went down the Hyjal route; lots of fun and some great phasing to really make it seem like you’re making progress in the zone.

    Currently working my way through Deepholm, probably less fun but I like the way the different quest strands all tie into the over-arching goal in the zone.


  3. Rashiel says:

    I’ve had the same bug with Defending the Rift! I only drowned once though because I realized–hey, I’m a warlock! I can fix that! I did Hyjal first and then went to Vashj’ir for kicks and giggles but I can’t get that silly achievement until the bug is fixed!

    Hyjal is loads of fun by the way!


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