I haz a /squeeeeeeee

As referenced last week, there is a reason besides being low on healers that will keep my guild from letting me raid on my mage any time soon.

And it came with a /squeeeeeeeeeeee.

Those of you that happen to live within a 25-mile radius probably heard it happen, others found out through my status on Facebook or gmail.

For the rest, here is a pictorial clue:

That’s right, bitches, I got my shoulders.

Or as they are affectionately known, the birdbaths.

The most important thing here is that we downed Cho’Gall.

Interestingly enough, my 25-man guild has downed him on 10-man only. Twice now, but only on 10, not on 25.

(Why do we keep insisting on being a 25-man guild? Oh yeah, because it’s supposed to be easier. Technically yes, skillwise it has been demonstrated to be resoundingly more difficult on 25. But enough of that.)

Last Monday the 10-man raid picked up where the 25 had left off – staring at all 4 of Cho’Gall’s eyes. We had been able to phase him a few times, but worship stacks were out of control with all the special snowflakes standing off in their own little corners, too far to be interrupted and the other special snowflakes assuming we would heal through Corrupting Crashes and the resulting excess Corruption in P2. But I digress again.

Monday night we walked in, got down to business, and downed the bastard.

Interrupts were smooth, people were stacked tight, adds were taken down in short order, no one stood in the bad.

Guild achievement spam ensued.

He only drops one tier token on 10-man. DH runs with loot council and the list of who would be getting what pieces was made a while ago, updated as people phased in and out of guild activity. No one but the GM and officers really knew where anyone was on the list. About the only thing we knew was that preference would be given to tanks and healers and those getting a 4-piece bonus.

The Shoulders of the Forlorn Conqueror (paladin/priest/warlock ) dropped. The raid had a paladin tank, a paladin healer. me on my priest healer, and a warlock.

The healer channel erupts in congratulations to me, but that has happened before and I didn’t get the drop so I wasn’t holding my breath. (Yes, I know that some DPS can convert spirit to hit. But if a HEALER is rolling on spirit gear to replace a GREEN you let the healer have it. Otherwise, don’t come crying to the healers when we don’t have the mana regen to keep your ass alive after you decide to stand in the stupid.)

The officer in charge of handing out the loot says, “gratz Selwyn” and his loot add on sends, “[Shoulders of the Forlorn Conqueror] awarded to Selwyn” to raid warning. I hear the sound of an item hitting my bag and realize I had, in fact, been holding my breath.

And then the /squeeeeee fest began.

This is the first tier of raid content that I have been involved in from the start. And here I am, the first one in my guild to be in full 4-piece T11 – and it’s getting buffed next patch!

And that’s the last piece of gear I had to replace (I was using Heroic blue DPS shoulders) to be at full 359. There might conceivably be side-grades for me in the nature of trinkets or getting my tier helm, but I am done with collecting gear (on this toon) until the next raid.

So the guild wouldn’t let me switch to another toon for our progression raids even if I begged. That’s OK, raiding is really the only thing I enjoy on Selwyn.

I offer to sit so other healers can be brought in and get gear, but we’re at the point where towards the end of the raiding week we don’t have any other healers to bring in. The GM has asked me to start recruiting healers… guess I had best get cracking on that.



4 comments on “I haz a /squeeeeeeee

  1. Slice213 says:

    Grats on the shoulders of the birdbath!


  2. zarigar says:

    Wow..you thought tauren had a tough time getting through some doors…


  3. repgrind says:

    Grats! and lol@Zari


  4. Troutwort says:

    Congrats! Even though those are the worst priest shoulders ever.


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