Then and now and again

I suppose the benefit of a busy life is the constant reminder that at least I’m alive, even if I’m tired and ready to collapse.

My poor little mage got to do a very little bit of raiding and can now claim a Magmaw kill. I don’t remember why, but we had to use the “OT tanks the maggots” strat… eh, it was a kill. Of course, nothing tasty dropped for clothies, but it was still a Cata-raid cherry pop for the mage.

Over the past few months, almost all my in-game time has been devoted to raiding. Our roster keeps sliding around as people are coming in and out of school, moving, and hitting the personal limits of frustration. Thankfully, I like raiding. I would prefer that we could keep a consistent roster and that the ones that do stick around were a little less on the “WTFDOYOUTHINKYOU’REDOINGSTANDINGINTHEFIRE” side, but (most nights) the kill makes up for the frustration along the way.

Funny thing happened the other day in guild.

And a few minutes later Tir was promoted as well. No one had talked to us beforehand about it, it just sort of happened.

So now I find myself the heal officer all the while steadfastly insisting that my main is a mage. No one seems to believe me.

But what I really wanted to rant/whine/converse about is heroics and why I think I loathe them in Cataclysm.

I started playing WoW fairly late in BC. So I was hitting heroics with my mage (after completing the nerfed rep grinds) when everyone else was farming Kara and the like.

There was a daily heroic quest out of Shatt and a total of some 16 different 5-man heroic instances. There were a few that we ran routinely because somebody was working on some reputation grind or another, but there was plenty of opportunity for a change of scenery. We didn’t run a heroic every day, but we tried.

Wrath hit and my mage and I strolled to max level. Here we had a dozen instances to begin with and another 4 added later on. During this time I began seriously raiding, starting in Naxx, and progressed as best I could through ICC. I picked up a priest so I could help out a bit more and learn the encounters from a new perspective.

Every day, we would log on and bust out a few heroics. It was what we did. No raid? Heroic. Before raid? Heroic. After raid? Heroic. I would swap between my characters to make sure they were all getting their badges and rep.

At the end of the Wrath cycle I moved to a more progression-oriented guild. Healers are in dire need so Arioch (my main, dammit!) has to let his little priest brother move in to the spot light for a while.

Cataclysm hits and I have to make a mad dash to 85 and appropriate gear so I can begin raiding ASAP. At the same time, I’m sick as a dog and working 60+ hours a week.

I won’t lie. As awesome as Cata is, I didn’t have as much fun as I was anticipating. With being sick and working so much, I got left behind in the leveling grind and had to solo most of it. In a healing spec.

Spending at least enough time in each zone to get the tabard, much of my leveling took place in the regular instances. All 7 of them. Over and over and over again. With the hunters that insist on being melee and the warrior tanks that don’t need to wear plate (leather is just as good, amirite?) and the warlocks with no pet control…

The instances were beautiful, but I saw little more than little boxes that should have been green and weren’t. This was the first time I had learned a level of content as a healer and it cast a very different shadow on the content, especially with the upheaval to healing mechanics.

With a couple days I had reached 85 and then it was another mad dash to get the gear from heroics. At least 2 new instances were added to the mix so I had a whopping 9 nightmarish choices to claw my eyes out in.

Between the horrific experiences as a healer and the repetition of the same dungeons, I rapidly grew ill of heroics. By the second or third day, I never wanted to set foot in a heroic again.

Even now, in a guild run, everyone 355+ ilevel, in vent, and not letting their cat dance on the keyboard to play, I still loathe heroics.

There is no more gear for me to purchase on my priest. I could buy my mage or DK the BoE boots, but there are better ones available through reputation. The cost of purchasing the crafting materials with badges is astronomical (but will most likely be what I do with the badges I get through raiding). My enchanting is already maxed on my mage so I don’t need the enchanting mats from all the gear we shard. There is still a daily heroic quest, but I don’t need the badges and the minuscule amount of gold received just isn’t worth my time or even to cover the repairs if it’s just one of *those* runs. There are some reputations I could grind, but I have all the gear I need and I don’t care about achievements on this toon.

The few heroics I have run on my mage were far more enjoyable. I can’t do anything about the idiots in the fire so I can mentally block them out and continue with my pewpew (after making sure I’m not one of the idiots). But after a couple days of attempting to grind gear and having horrible luck on drops, I could feel the darkness descending again.

I think there’s hope for Arioch to hold out a bit longer in heroics so long as I don’t run full tilt like I had to on Selwyn. But as soon as the gear is gotten and the rep is ground and the nerd points tallied, Arioch, too, will be found lounging in Orgrimmar sipping a South Island Iced Tea, entertaining a bevy of beauties rather than mucking about in a heroic.

The decrease in available locations (16 in BC, 12-16 in Wrath, 7-9 in Cata) had something to do with the burnout. As did the rate at which I had to grind through them. But something else changed. Maybe it was the bad taste left from the healing overhaul, the desperation to get geared up. I don’t know.

Anyone else get thoroughly burned out on the heroics already? Any different reasons why?


4 comments on “Then and now and again

  1. repgrind says:

    If I’d get something other than the same two over and over …

    I got to heal Grim Batol last night with a DK tank who was dual wielding and had Pyrium Weapon Chains instead of runes. On the plus side, I wasn’t bored … my mana pool rarely gets taxed, but boy he sure tested it.


  2. zarigar says:

    We only had half the levels to grind so maybe they thought we would be satisfied with half the instances?

    Of course, I’m pretty spoiled right now in old world where every few levels a new instance opens up.


  3. berry says:

    The time they take, the punishment level, and the lack of variety to begin. To follow, I like to raid and the new heroics take almost as much energy as raiding, and a whole lot of time. On raid nights, I don’t have the time or energy to run a heroic and go raid. My main doesn’t need anything, and I don’t have the time to gear my alts and raid on my main except on the weekend.

    Honestly, my biggest issue with Cata so far is that at end game, there are heroics, raids, pvp, and not much of anything else to do. Raiding means not enough time for the heroics, and since heroics are required for rep grinding and gearing for the alts, they are gearing through boes. I like in some ways the move back to the BC model… but they missed a step, because having to grind rep in dungeons is no fun.


  4. slice213 says:

    Hmmm. I hate heroics…cause…I find them too much like Wrath ones. Pull…pewpew, tank, heal…loot. leave.

    Sure the bosses are more complicated (well not really)…

    Hmmm…cause they are harder? not really….


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