Public Service Announcement


Many of us have spiffy trinkets that can be “stacked” prior to an encounter beginning. This allows us to begin combat (or healing) at a higher level and reduces that pesky ramp up time.

In question is the trinket Darkmoon Card: Tsunami.

This little baby stacks Spirit by 80 up to 5 times for 20 seconds.

(That’s 400 Spirit at its peak for those of you without a calculator handy.)

Stacking procs as a healer is often easier than stacking them as a DPS, particularly if there are no critters in the vicinity. As a healer, I can cast heals, proc up, eat real quick, and be at full mana for the pull, ready to lay down some serious heals with augmented mana regen.

But alas, not all heals are created equal in this regard.

Prime example:

When preparing to heal Chimaeron, Holy Nova is NOT, repeat NOT, the preferred spell to use to stack a trinket.


4 comments on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Tiryal says:

    This post can be more commonly referred toas “How Syldarius should proc DMC:Tsunami prior to Chimaeron”.


  2. slice213 says:

    Ouch sounds like that is similar to a hunter “accidentally” shooting Magmaw before everyone is ready.


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