Yore Shots

A few more screen shots from July of 2007.

I used to be quite the shutterbug when it came to capturing random stuff around me.

Now, not so much.

Which is probably a good thing since I still have some 2k shots to go through. /sigh

Hope everyone had a good Cinqo de Mayo and had a shot of tequila for me. I can’t stand the stuff, but I’m sure someone was kind enough to have an extra that I can claim.

Pictures after the break!

This appears to be my paladin participating in some mounted indoor shenanigans inside the inn at Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands. Of course, Jhaelen is far too stoic to actually do something like this so it must be a photoshopped screen shot. He would never caper and cavort on his charger inside a building, let alone on a table. Never. It must be one of his brothers. >.>

Once upon a time, in the dark and distant past, shaman had to drop their totems individually. Totems dropped in succession would generally set themselves in the normal four-corner pattern we are all familiar with, but a clever (or bored) shaman could move themselves in such a fashion as to create a beautiful and compact little light show.

Also in the past, we would hang out in Dalaran. Where a bored mage NPC would wander about and polymorph people willy nilly. Let me tell you, as a mage, there is nothing more insulting than being sheeped. Especially when your friends are so kind as to draw attention to your state with neon green and pink lasers.

Of course the proper response to having lasers shot at oneself is to involve innocent bystanders and shoot them. Obviously, pink and green combines to form green with pink swirlies.


One comment on “Yore Shots

  1. zarigar says:

    omg…the individual totem days


    I didn’t want to relive that.


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