On My Own

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

So by a string of coincidences, I ended up all by myself this weekend.

Perfect! I thought.

I’ll get caught up on some cleaning and sleep and WoW that work and my back has been interfering with.

Friday night starts off fine, get some cleaning done, log into WoW on Arioch and decide to queue for a random ZA/ZG.

By myself.


There were a couple other DPS in guild attempting to wheedle a tank or healer into queuing with no success so I figured I’ll do a little questing/rep grinding during my 30+ minute queue time.

Turned in my last daily for Therazane and my queue magically pops.

Loading screen… I have no idea which one it is.

I’ve done both on my priest once in runs that amounted to me frantically squealing like I was learning how to heal again. I didn’t get to see or learn anything other than in ZG there are a ton of magical effects lighting up little blue boxes that I shouldn’t dispel and that drives me nuts.

I’ve done ZA once on my mage and, of course, it was a guild run so we attempted it timed and something blew up in the beginning so it didn’t happen. There was much grumpiness and I still don’t feel like I know that dungeon either.

It turns out to be ZG.

Well good, I needed to do this one.

Load in buff up and the tank asks if anyone has done this before. If not, he will explain the fights.

Turns out at two others in the group hadn’t been there at all, I had been there once on another character and the tank and other player had been there once or twice each.

Wow. Let me just say that Goujian from Farstriders Realm may just be one of the most patient people in the world. He had only been there once or twice before but took the time to explain everything he could remember from each fight. He marked for CC and even did ready checks. Two thumbs up for this PUG tank.

I think we one-shot the snake guy. We get to the raptor guy and one-shot him. Bastard does not drop my cloak.

Head over to the Archaeology boss. No one had seen him before (except maybe me on my priest, but I remembered nothing other than rapidly decreasing health bars). It took us 2 tries.

Kill the Shard Boss.

Off to the cat lady. Holding a squirming rat is hilarious.

This one took us 4-5 attempts but we pulled it together.

At this point we’ve probably been in here for close to 2 hours. The fights aren’t taking that long, the explanations beforehand take a little time but not much, people are coming back fast from a wipe (which are few), we’re just taking a leisurely pace.


At some point we lost the healer and a DPS and they were replaced with a disc priest/hunter combo from the same guild.

Then the remaining original pally DPS had to leave and was replaced by a DK.

Immediately the healer spouts off about how glad they were that the pally left because he was taking ALLLLL this unnecessary damage and making their life so hard.

A quick perusal of recount shows not only did his little hunter friend die faster each attempt but the healer himself took more damage than the pally (and usually died faster too).

Inspect the priest.

Good god.

Mostly DPS blues with some PvP purples thrown in.

I kept my trap shut because I had nothing nice to say to that individual, but seriously, the fact that you can’t break 10k HPS *might* just *might* have something to do with why you can’t keep the group up. Oh, and YOU stand in the fire more than anyone else. Just saying. And the fact that you’re Atonement spec does NOT mean that you NEVER cast a direct heal during combat. Even without your 4 piece, Penance should be used pretty much on CD. Especially if you are going to complain about another melee “stealing” heals from the tank. And what is it with disc priests being so stingy with PW: Shield? I can understand it on a holy priest, but for disc it’s bread and butter. At least on the tank FFS. /deep breath, calm down

A couple more attempts with the healer saying things like, “if we don’t progress on this attempt I’m leaving.” A couple more attempts with me wanting to Arcane Blast him right in the face. (No, not like that.)

We’re past three hours in here, at least for me and the tank, the only remaining players from the original party that zoned in.

Finally the stars align, the DK gets a Dark Whatchamacalit off on the Zanzil fire, everyone (including the healer) gets the green cauldron during the poison gas, the giant actually gets kited and all is right in the world.

Move on to the world breaker.

The healer reminds everyone to stay out of the rings in phase 2. No problem.

We did 3-4 attempts. The tank was doing awesome, the DK was killing stuff, I was taking care of chains, the hunter had his bow stuck up his ass and the healer stood in rings.

DK gets tired of it and leaves.

And I did too.

I apologized for leaving, but it was now 1 in the morning. I had been in there for just over 4 hours. I had planned to be in bed by 10 or 11.

4 hours and I still don’t have a full ZG clear. So much for getting gear and sleep. At least I got part of the house cleaned. /sigh

(Saturday I did get to complete ZG. Got added to a group that only had 3 bosses left. One-shot cat lady and Zanzil and took 3 attempts at the Godbreaker. Eventually got in a couple guild runs over the rest of the weekend and those went much smoother.)


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