Damn I’m Dumb Sometimes

In between bouts of madness in ZA/ZG this past weekend I actually got some stuff done.

Earlier in the week the guild switched to 10s from 25s and my mage was placed on a raiding team again.

And there was much rejoicing.

Being in a raid group means that Arioch has purpose again so I have to not only gear him up properly but also get to continue working on achievement whoring.

Got Exalted with Therazane for my shoulder inscription and got the Fungal Frenzy achievement in the process. I finally figured out the secret and will probably do a quick post on how to get that achievement later.

I ran a Baradin Hold in the hopes of maybe, just maybe, getting a piece of tier so I wouldn’t have to buy it. Of course, the easiest way to ensure that no mage tier drops in BH is to invite me to it. I pulled a semi-respectable 16k in my 351 ilevel gear so I wasn’t too upset.

I had been having a quest log issue while running my Therazane dailies, namely I have too many quests in my logs from pre-Cata for areas that I’m still cleaning up. One was for killing the Hex Lord in ZA. Well now I had it completed and returned to the quest giver’s location just outside the instance.

I see the yellow question mark but Budd is nowhere to be seen. Submit a ticket (which sends you an email now, spiffy!) and get pinged by the GM while working on Jin’do the Godbreaker in ZG. That wipe may or may not have had something to do with me chatting with the GM. But he had a gnome joke! (and we downed the boss next attempt.)

Turns out that the quest should have been removed from my log. No freebie quest for me, damn.

I finished questing in Uldum and moved down to Hyjal while waiting in queues for ZA/ZG.

During our last raid night we did a full clear of BoT and up to Nef in BWD. So Arioch was only missing Nef and Al’Akir for his Defender title.

Slight problem. I’m also missing Heroic Stonecore. WTF?!?!

I had a quest for Halls of Origination from the last quest line in Uldum so I specifically queued for both those dungeons. I get HoO but the group only does 2 of the 4 bosses I need. A guildie is working on his tank set so he runs it on normal and we finish it up.

Back to questing and my Stonecore queue pops.

The pally tank is decent and we’re moving at a good clip. The pally healer, ret pally, and hunter are from the same guild. (Yes, we had three pallies, one for each role.)

From the start, the tank is talking about a tanking chest he’s after. We’re clearing trash before Beauty and the ret pally mentions that he’s also going to roll on it because he’s really MS tank.

We have a conversation about if he’s MS tank and wants tanking pieces he should queue as tank, otherwise active tank gets first dibs on the piece. He refuses, saying he will roll on it anyway.

The tank whispers me, letting me know that if it drops and the ret rolls on it that I should go invisible because he’s going to bubble-pull the rest of the dungeon. I don’t blame him. That shit pissed me off on my healer.

So I’m sheeping a puppy and the hunter is failing at keeping her dog trapped. The fight takes a little longer than expected with the extra animal running around. Thankfully, the chest piece didn’t drop.

Move to the last guy. I volunteer to kite the adds as the hunter seems to be, well, kinda bad. The ret pally immediately jumps into the adds and tries to DPS them. His healer knows the fight and yells at him to get back on the boss.

Boss dies.

No achievement.


Oh My Fucking God.

That wasn’t Stonecore.

That was fucking Blackrock Caverns.


Oh well, I hit Exalted with the kitty people while in there so ran off to get my boots.

Open the vendor’s window and glance through his goods.


I totally forgot about the camels!

And I got my boots, but the camels were far more important.

A couple more dungeons and I was VP capped so I broke down and bought my legs and gloves since BH is never, ever going to drop them for me.

Monday night was the second raid night for the group my mage is in.

We pulled Nef and there was pretty instantly a SNAFU that was resolved but then on the transition to P2 we had one person that had been alt-tabbed for the pillar assignment and things went down hill from there.

Killed him second shot and my helm token dropped!

The druid is already in 4 piece and the DK tank is in 0-piece so he passes them to me. Not sure which pieces he’s after.

So we pop over to the Throne of Four Winds and proceed to fuck up left and right for a few attempts.

The Wind Blast pattern on Rohash seems to have changed. It was only my second time on that platform so I thought it was just me, but when our experienced hunter mentions that he can’t outrun it anymore we knew something was up.

Got that corrected and down the Conclave. Move on to my first attempt on Al’Akir on Arioch.

I think it took 5 or 6 attempts on Al’Akir. We had at least one person that had never seen it before and several of us were in different roles. The fight looks a lot different going from healer in the middle to DPS on the very edge of the group.

So he dies and people’s Defender titles are popping up all over the place.

Except mine.

But guess what?

He drops random tier tokens now.

And guess which one he dropped?

That’s right, I got my tier shoulder token!

Then a group from the guild was awesome enough to queue with me for Stonecore (and I let someone else lead so the correct dungeon might get selected this time).

So this weekend went from 0-piece to 4-piece with Defender title.

I ran to buy my pretty birdy…


I’m not exalted with the guild yet.



4 comments on “Damn I’m Dumb Sometimes

  1. Sephrenia says:


    got me to exalted with my new guild really quick.


  2. Darraxus says:

    Im am glad to see that you are still going strong. Work finally unblocked wordpress blogs so I can read you now YAY!

    I havent run an instance in probably two months. They are just not all that fun to me right now. I may get back into it when I can get Epics with JP, but we shall see.

    In the meantime, just making gobs of gold in WoW and trying out some Lotro.


  3. repgrind says:

    I know I’m behind, but I’m still catching up on reading stuff that was posted while I was on vacation.

    People are passing through my office wondering why I have tears in the corners of my eyes. lol. Thanks for the laugh and grats on the gear and achievements. I still have to kill Nef and Al’Akir on .. well, crap. Van needs Cho’gall, too, I killed him on the DK. /sigh


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