A Welcome Mistake

I’ve mentioned it before.

I have a TERRIBLE time switching between classes.

(I also had a terrible time spelling terrible in the previous sentence. Apparently holding down the SHIFT key uses too many brain cells and I have to try about a dozen times to spell terrible correctly.)

Traditionally speaking, the worst is when I switch from any other class back to my mage.

Ya know, my main.

The one that should be the best in terms of muscle memory and should feel like slipping on that pair of jeans that fits *just* right.

I play the DK for a bit and switch to Arioch.

Run into melee range and cast Cone of Cold attempting to apply diseases while worrying about exactly where the tank is positioning the mob and trying to avoid getting cleaved.

I play the priest for a while and switch to Arioch.

Get twitchy about the little green boxes, attempt to bubble someone, cast Frost Nova in the process, try to dispel a magic affect and wonder why I’m getting a message about being unable to polymorph a friendly target.

So I’m slipping on those comfy jeans but the legs get twisted up and I fall flat on my face.

Well, the other night I was on Selwyn after playing the mage for the weekend.

Combat starts and I just open up, pushing my little buttons as hard as I can.





Huh, why don’t I have 4 stacks of Arcane Blast yet?

What is this Greater Heal shit?

Why is the tank low on health?


One of the dangers of being a keybinder (R is for Arcane Blast and Greater Heal if you didn’t piece that together) versus a clicker is that sometimes muscle memory can be a bitch.

Of course, even clicking doesn’t solve everything. I have cast Ice Block more than once attempting to pop Archangel and cast Fade trying to pop a Mana Gem. So looking at the icon doesn’t stop me from clicking it with the expectation of result A and being rather surprised when I get Z.

As awkward as it feels to fuck up switching between classes, it was comforting that this once the spirit of my main carried over to my alts instead of the other way around.


6 comments on “A Welcome Mistake

  1. Rebecca says:

    I get that all the time. But I don’t just get it playing different classes – I get it playing different specs. For example, my main is MS tank and OS Arms. For some reason unknown to me or anyone else I’ve bound charge to slightly different keys in each spec. After I’ve been in arms for a while and I switch back to tank for raids, I often find myself trying to charge and wondering why my character keeps saying “I can’t use that yet” (because arms’ charge keybind is, in tank, heroic throw).

    So, right there with you. But yay that Arioch’s keybindings finally trumped the others’, rather than the other way round.


  2. zarigar says:

    Quit trying to bench Selwyn!!!


  3. Tebla says:

    Man, I just try to blink. On every toon I have. So, I use that bind (shift-3) for all my movement effects; disengage, rocket blast and the worgen one. Still I wish I could blink on every toon.


  4. Tiræl says:

    Lol at keybinding fails. So easy being a clicker. Inb4 lolkeyboardturner, I use my mouse to turn and I still click all my abilities (except when healing, then I keybind).


  5. Jaedia says:

    Hehe, think we’ve all been there ^^
    I’m playing a DK and a Hunter at the moment, find myself trying to cast diseases on my Hunter, and casting Power Word: Shield and all the DoTs on my DK. I don’t think that one’s ever going to leave me.


  6. slice says:

    Casting directly from the spellbook is where it is at!


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