United we fail

Pardon me for another non-WoW related post.

As mentioned previously, I was flying with Tir to visit his son on the other side of the country

I loathe traveling but have been lucky so far in my travels that nothing really goes wrong.

Until this trip.

Very long story short:

Bad weather at our connection destination forced our plane to be delayed. (Thunderstorms in DC in June, I had no idea.)

Instead of putting us on that delayed flight, or the next flight, or changing our connecting flight location, United put us on a flight 10 hours later.

After standing in multiple lines, we did get a very nice employee that comped the charge for our checked luggage. (Seriously, you don’t even get one free checked piece anymore and the dimensions for carry on are hardly larger than a freaking breadbox.)

We went from expecting to touch down in Florida just before midnight to not getting there until almost noon the following day.

Orbitz was awesome and took care of getting one night of the hotel refunded and had the car rental hold our vehicle.

Airports are boring.

I did pick up and re-read Ender’s Game and got a quick pedicure at the salon.

As we are landing in FL, the pilot announces that the air quality is bad due to the wild fires. (FL had been on fire for a couple weeks, I had no idea.)

Ash covered everything so mixed with the humidity it was a bit like trying to breathe mud.

The return trip was uneventful until we were at the baggage claim.

My suitcase takes a ride on the carousel. The top handle on it has been broken off and is now useless.

Wait for Tir’s duffel to come riding around.

And wait.

Wait some more.

Only a handful of pieces making the circuit now, none of them his and no new pieces coming out.

Off to wait in another line.

Somehow, his bag didn’t make the connecting flight and had to be delivered to us the next day. It finally showed up, after a few phone calls, several hours after expected.

We get home and my elderly kitty did not fare well in my absence and had to be taken in to be put down.

So our flight got delayed a ridonkulous amount of time, our destination was on fire, luggage got misplaced, and my cat died.

I loathe traveling.


4 comments on “United we fail

  1. Kaethir says:

    That sounds about right.

    Sorry about your cat :( Losing a pet is always sad.


  2. repgrind says:

    Oh man. Sorry about kitty. :(

    Tir is lucky. The last time I flew United was similar, except my luggage was never located. And this was coming back from visiting my family at Christmas so it was filled with all the presents I got. To this day, I have not flown United since. 10 hours later flight? Yeah, they wanted to put me on a THREE DAYS later flight. I had raids to make! Eff United. Go Southwest if you have that option. They rock.


  3. Darraxus says:

    Holy crap that is terrible. I hate traveling. Really sorry to hear about your cat. Get a puppy, it will make you feel better.


  4. slice says:

    ugh ouch!

    I have had no luck with united….
    I personally like AA – have had no issues with them at all. Delta is hit or miss. Domestic they sucked. When I flew to Japan they were awesome.

    Poor kitty!!! :(


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