More One of Seven

As promised, here are the dirty details on our Beth’tilac kill.

We poked at Shannox and Rhyolith the first night and then came to the spider for our second night. And trash. MY GOD. FIRELANDS HAS A LOT OF TRASH AND IT’S ALL VERY BIG AND OBNOXIOUS.


Raid comp:

  • 2 tanks: DK and paladin
  • 3 healers: disc priest, paladin, druid
  • 3 ranged: mage, warlock, hunter
  • 2 melee: paladin, shaman

Yes, we had a lot of paladins.

I’m assuming you’ve watched a video, read a description of the fight, looked over the dungeon journal, or met her face on because I’m too lazy to look up abilities.

"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly

The fight has 2 phases: the first requires an Away Team to fight her on top of the web and a Ground Team to deal with the adds.

Our Away Team was the DK tank, myself as the disc priest, and the ret pally. Since I was up top, I can’t really speak a whole lot to what was going on below.

Considerations for going up top:

  • You need threads to get up top, provided by Spinners. You do not seem to need to kill the Spinner to get the thread. As soon as they are taunted or someone starts beating on them they will drop to the ground. A couple seconds later, their thread will follow. It’s possible that my spinner was being killed, they don’t have a lot of health.
  • The tank needs to go up first, followed by the healer, followed by the DPS.
  • The thread is a vehicle. Look for your “jump in” arrow and go for it. After “entering” the vehicle, it will take you right up and pop you out on top of the web. Even though it is a vehicle, you can cast instants while in transit. I did not try a spell with a cast time. But a bubble to ward off her spit works very nicely.
  • Depending on where the strings were attached, it is possible to end up very far away from your tank/healer. Tanks should be prepared to use a cooldown to survive their healer coming up and healers should be prepared to run like hell and save them.
  • While on the web, watch for pools of fire stuff. They are roughly the same color as a paladin’s consecrate and about the size of a fishing pool with a water-type texture. (Our paladin limited his consecrate usage because it made it trickier to see the pool.) If you stay in the pool, you will be hit by a meteor and eventually fall through the web to the floor. And you will die.
  • Being on the web can be slightly disorienting. There were times that it looked like mobs from the bottom were on the web with me, causing a wee bit of panic. My range finder was showing some people as being in range since they were immediately below me, but my spells wouldn’t reach. This caused some frustration when the DPS was either slow coming up or fell down. The Away Team needs to be vocal about their positioning either on or off the web.
  • Our Away Team paladin ran Resistance Aura to help with some of her fire damage.
  • Stay close to the center of the web. At 0 fire energy she will cast her big asplodey and you do not want to be up there. You will die. XPerl was showing her as having 8200 mana, not 100 energy. This caused a little confusion. If you have the same issue, just have it display percentages. At 2%, be looking for the middle and at 0% jump down.
  • When using the center of the web to retreat to the floor, you will be supported by webs and take (almost) no falling damage. (Sometimes I would still take about 4k, not bad.) Be careful, if you fall through a meteor hole in the web instead of the middle, you will free fall and possibly die.

Once on the ground, adds are finished off again and repeat process with spinners. Rinse and repeat a total of 3 times.

You want your Away Team to do as much damage as possible. I think for our kill we had her in the lower 70% area by the third explosion.

While that shit is going on up top, the ground crew is dealing with 3 types of adds.

Leftover Spinners need to be dealt with fairly quickly. They pelt the raid with fire and cause a lot of stress on the healers. Anyone that can stack should so as to make better use of AoE heals.

The tank should pick up Drones and drag them to the SW corner of the room. There is a little alcove there and no Spiderlings spawn in that area. Please to face big spider away from raid, kkthxbai. When drones run out of energy, they will start to siphon energy off Beth’tilac. This makes her energy bar deplete and will make your Away Team DPS swear a lot. (Faster her energy goes away, less time you have to beat on her before P2.)

Spiderlings will spawn in packs in the other 3 corners and will automatically beeline for the Drones. Don’t let them get there.

We had the mage clean up Spinners and burn the Drone while the hunter and warlock dealt with Spiderling packs. The shaman beat on the drone.

Before she casts her big asplodey for the third time, we had our paladin up top leave early to help finish up adds below. We were rather taken aback when she started devouring the spiderlings from across the room in our first attempt.

After the third explosion, she descends and will immediately snack on her babies. Each Spiderling returns 10% of her life or some bullshit like that. This is why her low health is a little deceptive. Spiderlings will do the same for drones, but we didn’t have that problem.

Assuming she doesn’t get to eat her offspring, you have a good chance at finishing up.

One tank picks her and the raid stacks on her bulbous butt. Abdomen, really, I guess,

This is a burn phase. Get it? Ha ha. Yeah, you’ll see a lot of that in Firelands. Most things seem to be a “kill me before I go ballistic and destroy you” sort of fight at the end.

The tank will get a debuff called The Widow’s Kiss. Tank swap occurs and the first tank GTFOs the raid while he is doing his best warlock hellfire impression. Swap back after debuff is gone. I’m pretty sure this was also a healing debuff, so bubbles rock.

Raid damage is intense during this phase. Big AoE heals and cooldowns are needed.

I popped Barrier at the very beginning of the fight to deal with spit damage while we wait for the first set of Spinners. It was up again in time for this phase. She pulses fire waves about every 5 seconds so try to time it to catch one. I think I also used Hymn of Hope and Divine Hymn in our kill.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable fight.


4 comments on “More One of Seven

  1. telanarra says:

    This post seemed lonely so i left a comment :)


  2. tirthedk says:

    In hindsight, we would have been better off with two raid healers (a holy priest instead of her as disc), especially for p2.


    • slice says:

      Hmmm. I can understand that, but losing disc, means losing out on PW: Awesome err barrier and Pain Suppression. In exchange for Circle of Healing, which is nice, and a slight increase in AoE healing.

      Also means having someone playing a spec that they may not be best at, not used to etc


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