No good deed shall go unpunished

So I’ve spent the last while with Tir leveling a warrior/pally combo.

This marks the first time I’ve actually gotten one of my many created warriors into – and out of – Outland!

We’re puttering around Northrend, moving altogether too slow for Tir… so we’re spending a lot of time insta-queueing for instances with him tanking on his holy cow.

We get Utgarde Keep for the eleventy-billionth time.

We have me on my little warrior flailing about for DPS, the first DK we’ve seen in ages, a shadow priest, and a resto shaman to fill out the group.

My numbers aren’t great. I’ll admit, I fail fairly hard at DPS. Plus my gear sucks and until I got Bladestorm, I might as well have just enjoyed a slushie while waiting for Pengu to take care of trash packs.

But this DK was bad. He made me look stellar.

He was breaking triple digits, I will give him that.

His playstyle seemed to amount to using a different pair of skills each pull in a random selection.

One pull might be melee and Icy Touch as his damaging abilities. The next might be Obliterate and Plague Strike.

It was odd and painful to watch.

Those of you who know Tir, have met Tir, raided with Tir, or even been in the same state as Tir may already know that he has the potential to be a dick to people.

But he’s usually only a dick to people that deserve it.

He starts to offer the DK a piece of advice.

Oops! The shadow priest seems to have pulled a mob!

Conversation on hold, fight, fight, fight, loot.

Conversation resumes before the boss.

Oops! The shadow priest seems to have pulled Prince Keleseth!

Tir stood off to the side and picked up adds while allowing the shadow priest to tank the boss.

The healer managed to keep him up, I’ll never know how.

Conversation resumes after an admonishment to the shadow priest and a reminder of the order of the natural world.

The DK takes to the advice being offered and seems to be appreciative.

The shadow priest butts in, “kk, whatever go do your own research on elitist jerks”.

Tir responds that EJ is great and all, but this guy isn’t going to find anything of use for a level 69 DK. He went on to say that since it’s apparently such a waste of the priest’s time for someone to help someone else in the group, Tir would be stepping away for 30 minutes.

A vote to kick Tir pops up almost immediately. I wish I had grabbed a screen shot, it’s not every day you seen the vote to kick reason given as “fuckhead.”

Of course, the vote failed.

The priest says he doesn’t have time for this shit and leaves group.

Tir immediately puts the group back in to queue for a replacement DPS and off we go with a pleasant hunter.

If you don’t have 5 minutes to spare in a dungeon run for someone to get a little help (help that might make the run go a little faster if you can double or triple someone’s output), then you really should consider playing something else. By yourself. Perhaps a game of “Name that poison” or “How close can you get to a moving freight train?”

There’s a lot of talk about how shitty the WoW community can be.

A certain portion of the population spends a lot of time and effort complaining about the bads clogging up their game.

I wonder how many fewer bads there would be if those self-proclaimed gods of WoW applied some of that effort into providing a little assistance now and again instead of shutting down new or inexperienced players.


6 comments on “No good deed shall go unpunished

  1. Darraxus says:

    The level of douchebaggery and elitist attitude is at an all time high. I dread going into pugs for this very reason. It is the very reason why my wife is hesitant to do a heroic. Her gear is high enough for Heroics…..just barely. She does adequate DPS (in the 6-7k range), but is afraid people will talk shit. And she is probably right. Some DPS told my sister that she should not be DPSing a Heroic if she was doing less than 13k…really? That is like when people were requiring 35k HP for tanks in Wrath. I started tanking in Wrath Heroic with around 22-24k HP.


  2. repgrind says:

    Good for Tir. If that priest really wants speed runs, he should roll a tank. Of course, just being the tank doesn’t mean I’d let him live if he’s that much of a jerk.


  3. zarigar says:

    Not that it isn’t an excuse, but it’s so hard to go against the flow of the “elitists”. I got an Oculus last night (I know, ugh) and everything up to the first boss was a struggle. The DK tank didn’t have a presence on and I asked about it.

    In hindsight that probably should have been a whisper, because all of a sudden it was like the floodgates opened up and it was somehow open season on him. Inspect him and call out INT gear? Check. Call him a noob that can’t tank? Check. Immediately vote to kick him? Check.

    I actually voted not to kick but it did no good. Apparently the expectation is there is not allowed to be a learning curve and everyone should know everything about their class and the encounters before you dare try to play with other people.


  4. Much truth in this post. Elitists are perhaps the worst people in a game filled with awful people. They rant and rave about “bads” and how horrible the community is, but they take no effort to improve it even the slightest way. God forbid you ask a simple question in Trade chat; you’re likely to jerked around, screamed at, and insulted just for having the temerity to not know every single thing about every single class and spec in the game.

    The community would improve so much if people were just a little more willing to help. It’s true that some people are beyond help, but they’re much fewer than some might think.


  5. tirthedk says:

    I am an elitist, by most definitions. However, if I can help someone get better (since I have been playing for almost 5 years), I do my best to help them.


  6. By my definition, I don’t think anyone willing to help would be an elitist. A true elitist would require people to do it or their own or “earn” their help.


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