For the Horde

Going through my screen shots again…

I think I get a snap shot of this every time I level through Northrend.

I’ve done parts of Northrend as Alliance but can’t recall anything so… patriotic or unifying on their side.

The quest line that follows the story of the manga about Thassarian was pretty awesome, especially going through it as a DK.

But nothing compares to the blood and glory sentiments of the Horde.

Lok’tar ogar!


2 comments on “For the Horde

  1. repgrind says:

    Hmm … I took a shot of a similar sentiment recently but haven’t done anything with it. I may have to post it later! My thoughts on it are a bit too long for just a comment.


  2. theerivs says:

    Some times I miss my fellow hordelings, but it’s not like it was in Vanilla WoW, those were the glory days of the Horde.


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