It’s quiet

Too quiet.

And that is how many conversations now start in our household.

As you may or may not recall, my kitty passed away recently.

There were still 2 dogs in the house, but we were missing the feline touch.

And hair, there was a distinct lack of cat hair.

After a couple weeks and I was able to look at pictures of kitties at The Daily Squee and Cute Overload without breaking down, Tir and I talked about getting a new kitty to meet our daily recommended amount of cat hair.

We decided to get a pair of littermates, like I did when I adopted Gerard and Random years ago.

So off to the local animal shelter we went.

And we came dangerously close to becoming a crazy cat couple.

There were so many beautiful and friendly kitties and we wanted to bring them all home.

But there was one crate with a brother and sister, snuggled up together.

How could we resist?

We couldn’t.

They were originally part of a litter of 6 and it was a good thing they were the last two or else we would have been coming up with 6 names instead of two.

They are very similar in markings; both with angular little faces and heavy eyeliner-esque streaks from their eyes.

We named them Isis and Osiris, signed the paperwork, and were told we could pick them up the next day after they had been spayed/neutered.

We had a bit of a scare the first night they were home. Turns out they picked up tapeworms so we had to get them to the vet. A couple tests later and it turns out they also have another parasite infection. They aren’t enjoying getting their medicine each morning, but we’ve only got a couple more days left of that.

Isis tends to be independent, sitting by herself and watching the world. If the dogs get too close, she turns into a little hell kitten with an impressive bottle brush tail. We’re making progress with the dogs. Isis still hisses but Osiris will tolerate a nose-licking.

Osiris is incredibly social. He follows everyone around the house, wrapping himself around ankles and laying down on feet if you stop moving for a split second.

He enjoys curling up on Tir’s chest while he’s playing WoW on the laptop.

This peaceful scene then leads to a kitty dancing on the keyboard and taking random screen shots, such as this one, taken moments before Tir’s character dies to an overwhelming number of adds and an adorable bundle of fur blocking his screen while attempting to “help” by opening bags.

During the day, we keep belled collars on them so we have a clue about where they are. The house was cat-proof for an old, mellow animal. Not so much kitten-proof for these tiny little spitfires. If we can hear the collars, everything is usually OK. When it gets quiet… you never know where the next attack on your toes will come from.

Of course we got them plenty of toys, which are now safely tucked away under large, immobile pieces of furniture. But that’s OK, because the best toys are the ones found laying about the house that can be repurposed into kitty amusements.

After a few hours of raising hell about the house, they retire to their GINORMOUS cat tree that Tir assembled for them. They ripped one of the toys off of it in the first day. The other dangling mouse seems to have been given a reprieve. For now. But his days are numbered.

At night, they sleep with us. They can usually be found wrapped around Tir’s ankles, ready to nibble on his toes if they twitch in the night.

So right now, my life is full of purring and ear scratchies and tail chasing and pulling adventurous little bastards off the top of the screen door. And I couldn’t be happier.

Oh yeah, we’re also 6/7 in Firelands and my priest got the shoulder token off Staghelm.

If you want to see more about our latest kills, check out the articles and pictures that Tir puts together over at our guild site: .

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13 comments on “It’s quiet

  1. Sephrenia says:


    I want some kitties :( Mr Seph won’t let me get any though – I have to make do with stupid old cat that has all the brain capacity of a goldfish. I want two silver tabby kittens.

    My cats used to like to ‘help’ us play pinball – that was incredibly cute and probably easier for them to assist with than WOW…… Not sure how I would cope with cats helping me heal – I have enough challenges on my own!

    Well done on Staghelm – we had a 1% wipe last night. Hopefully he dies tonight. I think I’ve spent all my EPGP and we run with at least 2, often 3 paladins and a warlock, so don’t think my little priestess will be getting new shoulders any time soon :( Do they look lovely?


  2. repgrind says:

    Awwwwwwwww cute kitties! Mine is the large old mellow type, but both my guilds are still familiar with ‘ok PJ is helping me heal for awhile’ on vent. He likes to lay on my mouse hand. It worked in ICC when I only needed one button to heal as a paladin.


  3. slice says:

    KITTYS!!!!!!! RAWR!

    lol pets and them helping to play wow. Priceless.


  4. zarigar says:

    but are they trained to fill the ice bowl?


  5. Jasyla says:

    So cute! Every time I see a kitten I want to keep it, but I’ve already got 4 cats at home.

    Those huge cat trees are the best! My cats love theirs.

    Congrats on the new additions :)


  6. Stubborn says:

    I had the same thing happen twice with cat adoptions. I love cats, but my wife loves nice things. I told her over and over that it was hard to have both, so we didn’t get cats.

    She had told me that the college she was attending (at the time) had put out traps to “catch” a society of feral cats that had been living beneath one of the buildings for all of time. There had been trouble because “somehow” (read someone let it in the building) the a cat had gotten into one of the buildings before a week-long break and had carefully marked its territory the following week.

    A week or two after that, there were no more cats to be found. I’m sure they were “rescued” by the administration and not just poisoned. However, my wife called me one night from her publication’s office and said, “Can I keep it?” I rolled my eyes, but heard the mewling over the phone line. I couldn’t in good – or even livable – conscience say no. We still have that cat.

    Another time we went to adopt ONE cat from a shelter because the previously mentioned cat needed a playmate. We came back with two, of course. One we took from a large litter, but one was all by itself in a cage – no other cats were – and I just couldn’t leave it like that. It had terrible ringworm that required extremely odorous sulfur water baths for a month, but we put up with it. You can’t let kittens sit alone in cages by themselves.


    • tirthedk says:

      I couldn’t even bring myself to take pictures of the other cats in the shelters. I was pretty close to begging Arioch to let us adopt the other two that were in the cage together. But I know if I would have said something, she wouldn’t have said no to me.


  7. dragonray says:

    Cute kitties are cute kitties :) I love how they always seem to want to sit on chests when playing wow, it does make it fun…themain tank in our guild normally has a cat sitting on her arms/wrists whilst raiding – has made for some very funny issues :D


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