Have you ever?

Morality question time!

So there’s this husband/wife team in my guild.

He’s not a bad player, she’s not the best.

He has admitted that he cannot stand raiding with her.

She might do better if he would stop logging in to her account, changing her spec around and moving all her actions in an attempt to “help” her.

So he’s generally in our core team and she comes in once in a while for farm nights.

A story came to light of a conversation between them in which he treated her like shit. Bordered on, if not crossed over into, mental abuse.

This was not a WoW-related “you’re a bad player” sort of conversation. This was a real-life, “you’re dumb and fat and stupid” communication.

The story came from him, so I don’t have any reason to disbelieve it.

I’ve never been overly fond of this individual, he always rubbed me the wrong way, but after this I lost any semblance of respect I could muster for him. She’s an absolute sweetheart and will give you the shirt off her back and food off her table.

Unfortunately, our current roster is not so robust that I can avoid raiding with him, but I can limit my conversation with him without issue. For the record, he knows that I think he’s an absolute fucktard for this so he doesn’t seek me out to chat.

For progression content, I behave. I don’t have the right to fuck up the raid for eight other people because I take personal beef with one member.

But I’ll be honest. If we’re on farm content and I’m healing, his health box is a little black hole to me.

Oh sure, he’ll get splash heals from Atonement or any group heal that goes out, but I make a conscious effort to not directly heal the bastard.

I’ve done this sort of thing as a healer in pugs (mostly for standing in the bad and having to choose between saving the smart players or letting dumb die, but every now and again I run across a jewel of a human being that should have his mouth stapled shut and chat box permanently disabled), but that’s always a situation where I’ll probably never see the jackass again.

Has anyone else ever had a situation where they couldn’t stand someone in their own guild and it affected their play style?


4 comments on “Have you ever?

  1. In my experience, there are two kinds of guilds in WoW: those who will tolerate douches and those who won’t. I just make it a point to only be in guilds that fall under the latter category. This is, unfortunately, why I almost never get to raid. But I’d rather not raid with people I like than raid with people I can’t stand.


  2. Jess says:

    Yes. Absolutely, yes.
    And I’ve done the same thing as you – forgetting his health box even existed.
    Unfortunately, it did not go unnoticed and I had to answer for not healing the RL’s BBF. >.<


  3. dragonray says:

    Screw the raiding progression for a week and get someone else in!! (I know, I know; it isn’t as simple as that) but what a prick!

    So many examples of not playing well with others when they show themselves to be cockroaches, in the end I leave or force them to leave. I like my WoW life uncomplicated – I deal with enough arsehats at work to not want to deal with them in my relaxation time :D

    Good luck with him, sounds like a prize bull there.


  4. elle says:

    Who cares its WoW. So his toon dies… she is still most likely dealing with his fucktard attitude every day of her life. If it makes you feel better to let him die, go to it.


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