Blogception – A blog about blogs?

OK, it’s actually just a post about blogs, not a whole blog, but it sounded cool.

Work with me, people!

I can’t recall the last time I reviewed my blog roll… actually, I can, it was the same time I wrote this post, but the time before that! That, I cannot remember, but it must have been some time in mid 2010.

Time for a refresher!

A lot of the blogs that I was reading, or blogs that were on my “I really should start reading this blog, I’ll toss it on a list and come back to it” list are no longer in business.

Many blogs, including my own, have drastically reduced posting schedules since the heyday of Wrath.

So here’s my question:

Is the WoW blogging community in decline as a whole or have new voices sprung up to replace the fading chorus?

I’ve updated my Blogs page (click the tab up top) to show who I am currently reading and lists oldies that have retired or gone in to hibernation. I keep all blogs in my feedreader (so long as the site remains active) so should the author ever come back, I don’t miss out on what they’ve been up to. I’ve changed the sorting a bit, I don’t call out what WoW-genre the blog is for, most seem to be fairly generally these days with us all running about with a gabillion alts.

My list of active blogs to read is rapidly dwindling so now I need new blogs to add to the list. I might not have time to write my own posts every day, but I always enjoy reading what’s happening around the community. If you write a blog or read a blog that you think I might enjoy drop me a link here or on the Blogs page so I can check it out!

I will consider all WoW-related blogs, even if it is about warlocks. Or PvP. But PvPing warlocks might be too much. Unless they also collect vanity pets. Then maybe I’ll read it. Maybe.


8 comments on “Blogception – A blog about blogs?

  1. Dragonray says:

    I think it waxes and wanes and new people crop up all the time! I came back after a few months and went straight to blog Azeroth to see who was new and there was almost 4 pages of new bloggers!


  2. latusthegoat says:

    Pretty sure the impression that things are receding are because we’re not putting as much effort in keeping up with them. I speak for myself, obviously, but the blogs I found and followed when I started my own are the ones that fill up my reader. I’ve added very few new blogs despite knowing they are there based on peoples’ comments or the occasional link from someone… I don’t know why, I think I’m just lazy, or maybe every new blog seems to go through the same material that every other blog has gone through? Either way, I thought it was going slow too until I realized it was just me not paying as much attention >.<


  3. Hugh says:

    I didn’t see a link to on your blogroll – your readers might well find us interesting, as we feature the best of the MMO and WoW blogosphere every day.


  4. repgrind says:

    I think the goat pretty much hit the nail on the head. I know I spend more time putting up posts and harrassing my guildies than I do actually looking for new sites to read. Yet there are plenty of comments around with links to blogs I haven’t checked out before. I really need to try to do better with that.


  5. Gazimoff says:

    I think there’s two things going on.

    Yep, a lot of bloggers have given up. I don’t know if they’ve closed down just to open up shop elsewhere, but there seem to be a lot of people who started and then just quit.

    Another bunch of people are still blogging, just not about WoW any more. Some have moved on to talking about Rift, while others (like me) are talking about MMOs more generally.


  6. Well, since you’ve encouraged me, I’ll throw out a plug for my blog, It’s more a general sci-fi/fantasy blog covering books, movies, TV, and gaming, but the “gaming” tends to take up the largest portion of it, and most of the “gaming” stuff is related to WoW.


  7. tirthedk says:

    I think this also reflects what the community (not just the Bloggers) as a whole is doing/feeling about Cataclysm. A lot of people do not like where Blizzard is going currently with WoW, and are leaving the WoW-blogosphere.


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