If you could turn back time

Running dungeons with my poor rogue, watching some tanks know their shit and others just sort of flounder around – both in terms of tanking and general game knowledge.

For some, these old instances were old hat. It may be the first time they’ve brought a warrior/paladin/druid through Shadowfang, but they know what they’re doing. Where to go, what to kill, which NPCs to talk to, they’ve got a clue.

It’s like alts are little hivemind experiments with their older, more experienced account-mates. When I was new, I kept to myself and missed out on seeing (and learning) a lot around me. If I were brand-new to the game again, and ever left the questionable safety of my first guild, I would be impressed by the smoothness that some players move through the levels with. But I’m not new to the game and I’m pretty sure most of them are bored sick of being in Wailing Caverns AGAIN.

But what if we could be new to the game again, with a deja vu twist – keeping our current knowledge or at least an innate understanding of game mechanics to rival our current knowledge?

Imagine how much time I could have saved on my poor little warrior if I had known that just because spirit was on EVERY freaking quest reward I got, it was not, in fact, a desirable stat to stack.

If I had known where to go for that quest to learn my stances or where to get my weapon quest so I could have done it level-appropriate instead of 20 levels late (and still struggling with it).

The foolishness I wouldn’t have felt when I thought I was supposed to select Need over Greed and the game would decide which of us needed it more. (I really have no idea how that made sense at the time, even as new as I was. Or maybe now I’m just a little jaded about the behind the scenes “magic” of the game’s logic.)

Knowing that turning in that quest would kill my druid’s chance of being a 19 twink. Knowing that I probably didn’t really want a 19 twink anyway so not to fret about it.

That leveling elemental was the stupidest thing to try and those mustard yellow pants would clash horribly with my purple vest and I would never ever play that character again because of how atrocious her gear looked.

I could have hit up raiding in BC content – during BC.

I’m sure I still would have leveled as fire and moved to arcane, but I would have known what a spell rotation was a whole lot sooner. And macros that did more than spout random emotes. Mouseover is pretty hot stuff.

All the lies I could have saved, “Oh, I’ll come back to play Rappelz. This is just a diversion for a little while.”

I could have even started blogging earlier! I didn’t have the guts to try this until I was already fairly entrenched in the game. Gone are the moments of real discovery when everything was new and exciting. (I was all atwitter about my first hippogryph ride. Maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t blogging then. I probably could have done 500 words on how purty they are.)

Looking back, I’m sure I would have still rolled the same first character and joined the same first guild.  Dust may be blowing through the activity roster over there (except for people leaving! *sniff*) but it was a group of people that I was very good friends with at the time and the guild served as our common watering hole. Perhaps if I had known more at the time I could have provided more assistance and given the guild members a little more breadth in activity choices instead of failing miserably at running instances below our level.

From a social perspective, I think I would have continued to join all the same guilds for all the same reasons, but not necessarily with all the same characters. If I were to go back and do it again, I think I would pursue raiding faster and that would mean I would need to have had at least one character in a more progression-oriented guild earlier in the game.

I probably would have picked a different server to start our Wednesday night guild on. A nice, medium population realm would have done nicely instead of the clusterfuck that was Blackrock when Wrath hit and everyone and their mothers (even mine) were attempting to log in.

Perhaps I would have procured a better computer sooner? I was playing on a fairly old machine for some time. And a computer desk. At one point I recall sitting on the floor with a keyboard in my lap and the mouse on the corner of a coffee table, the monitor on the floor in front of me. I don’t even remember what was happening in life to be so inconvenient.

Keybinds! My god, I would have started using keybinds earlier. I spent months frustrated with the standard 1-2-3-4 etc. layout and waited until leveling through Stranglethorn Vale on a high-pop PvP server to start experimenting with new binds.

Hell, I probably would have started playing sooner. In that case, my first toon probably wouldn’t have been the same. I’m sure I would have rolled him just for social reasons, but Arioch might have been the firstborn.

What about you? What things would you have done differently or kept the same?


9 comments on “If you could turn back time

  1. Drew says:

    There’s no doubt my first main character would have stayed the same- the Orc Hunter was just everything I wanted and more. I simply wish I’d found my guild home earlier than I did- my first couple months in the game were pretty solitary. I really started to enjoy it once I found a “home”. We’ve mostly long-since left WoW, but I still have many of the gang as Facebook friends and we keep in touch.


  2. zarigar says:

    knowing what I know now I’m sure I wouldn’t have picked a freakin’ holy priest to level to 70 >.<


  3. Darraxus says:

    I would have created a Warrior just as I did, but I would have figured out what tanking was earlier and maybe even did some level 60 raiding. I didnt tank my first instance until 10 minutes after I hit 60. During the instance my weapon broke….I equipped a gray sword that I had not leveled the skill on until a better weapon dropped. Holy crap I was embarrassing. I wouldnt change much because I made a lot of friends during that time who I am still friends with to this day.


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