Verb all the nouns!

I’ve been spending a little too much time over at

You’ll see why later in the post.

I’m digging the stealth – pickpocket deal on my rogue.

Just wandering about, taking a bit of this and a bit of that, never mind me, doo-de-do-de-do.

(Yes I sing little do-de-do songs while rummaging about in pockets.)

Having played skinners before, I was prepared on my rogue for my biggest skinning pitfall – forgetting to skin the damn corpse.

I’ve become practically neurotic about it.





Dammit, I know I can skin you!



Kill something else, rinse and repeat.

Of course I am also annoyed as all hell when I can’t skin something because the game won’t let me.

I’m not really certain what I could make from their thin skin, but humanoids have skin, dammit!

I’ve seen floor rugs made from centaur hides and yet I can’t skin them.

Naga, covered in scales, not unlike a dozen other perfectly skinnable mobs in the game, but noooooooooo we can’t skin them.

Satyrs. They’re freaking half goat and I can’t skin them. Collect their horns for quests, no problem, but skinning them is right out.

Furbolgs. Vertical bears in bikinis. Can’t skin.

The other reason I get pissed off when I can’t skin something is because people don’t freaking loot their corpses.


I know it takes up some bag space.

But you know what?

Selling those grays to a vendor adds up. And if you run out of space, you can always drop the shit.

It’s not like we have encumbrance rules that will force you to a crawl because you picked up that last piece of soft fur or broken claw.

(I’ve played games like that and scrolls weighed a lot. Like, a stack of 10 scrolls weighed almost as much as a piece of armor. Apparently they scribed everything on lead bricks.)

No real purpose to today’s post except for me to bitch and perpetuate silly memes.



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