Divine Fire or Divine Fizzle?

Had a chat with fellow disc priest Slice in my comments the other day where we briefly touched on some comparisons between buffs that we were tracking (or should be tracking) relating to our mana regen (specifically Rapture and the T12 2-piece proc, Divine Fire).

Two things came of this discussion in my little world.

Thing the first – I looked at my gear and realized that I had been mixed up in my little brain regarding *which* of the mana regen buffs I was getting from my tier gear.

For some inexplicable reason, I thought I was still on my T11 4-piece proc, thinking that it was swapped with the T11 2-piece. So I thought that I was supposed to be casting Penance to trigger the mana regen.

In a more convoluted twist, I knew I was getting mana regen from my T12 2-piece but the exact details of how were a bit fuzzy and filed under “Magic!”

So every time I cast Penance I thought I was doing good when in reality I should have been remembering that my mana regen now comes from Divine Fire, which is triggered by just about everything OTHER than Penance (Flash Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, Prayer of Mending).

With that minor bit of derping out of the way, I moved to Thing the second – Well shit. We went and 2-healed 6/7 in Firelands. Guess what they’re going to expect us to do again. Maybe, just maybe, I should take a peek at some logs or something and see what my Divine Fire is doing and determine if it’s worth paying as much attention to as Rapture.

Pretty chart time!

Unfortunately, one piece of data I *really* wanted (number of Rapture procs) is not captured by WoL. Or if it is, i iz dum and kant find it.

Here’s some basic numbers comparing mana returns for Divine Fire, Rapture, and for giggles – Archangel.

First observations:

Overall, average of 71.4% uptime for Divine Fire. That doesn’t seem too shabby.

Obviously, Rapture is the better mana return, by far, with DF and AA dancing back and forth for the lead.

As I figured, Atonement spec is garbage for Beth’tilac. Some nights I can squeeze a bit more out of it, but with 2-healing I just don’t have the GCDs to waste. Next week I will be in my non-Atonement spec. With all the Smiting I wasn’t doing, one might expect the DF uptime to be higher. But in this fight there is a lot of travel time (going to and from the web) and in the last phase virtually all I do is PW:Shield – PoH. PoM gets tossed in but I can’t guarantee it’s always used on CD.

Funny enough, the fight where I’m not in a position to be casting any pesky Smites at all, Baleroc, is where I get my best uptime on DF at 99.4%. I’m constantly healing someone in that fight and it’s pretty much all Penance, Greater Heal, Flash Heal, PW:S, and PoM – 3 of which trigger DF.

Alysrazor has an abysmal uptime on DF but it doesn’t matter. Between the Blazing Power buff from the feathers and Essence of the Green during the ground phases, mana has never been an issue while I pump out 2.25 million damage on my tank’s hatchling.

The majority of the fights (excluding birdy) have fairly consistent mana returns. The surprise was how high Major Domo is (scorpion phase chews through bubbles and it shows) and how low Baleroc is (the fight I need it most, short of Rag). My guess is that not only can my mana regen support tossing an extra bubble or two (on shard targets shouldn’t interfere with my tank healing), but it actually NEEDS me to be a little more generous with my bubbly goodness.

So if a best case scenario has me at 99.4% uptime, what would all the fights look like if I could somehow get DF up that high?

Baleroc was used as the baseline and remains unchanged.

So an increase of 20% or more uptime only nets me another 6 to 10k. (Ignore Alysrazor, mana is such a non-issue in that fight it’s not even funny.)

Honestly, those mana returns are looking pretty paltry compared to the amount of work it would take to keep the DF buff up that high. If I were a dedicated tank healer, I imagine my uptime would be better and far easier to maintain. But when 2-healing these fights, the holy pally moves more into the tank-healing role (we split if there are 2 tanks) and I try to pick up more of the raid. Raid healing tends to call for more PoH and less direct heals. Given the choice between saving one person and keeping a marginally useful buff active or saving 5 people, I’ll probably go with saving the 5. Depends on who they are. =P


TL;EGOWMS version:

(Too Long; Eyes Glazed Over When Math Started)

The 2-piece is a nice little boost to get for casting spells that I’m already (usually) casting. While 2-healing I don’t have quite the luxury of deliberating about spell choice to increase uptime on a marginal buff. Best course of action is to pay a little more attention to my Rapture tracker and see if I can squeeze more out of Rapture procs.


2 comments on “Divine Fire or Divine Fizzle?

  1. slice says:

    ….my brains it burns from the math lol.

    But yeah the mana regen from Divine Fire is not the best but its better then the 4p T11 bonus and is quite easy to upkeep. I know I could be better at it looking back at the parse.

    I could also get better at using rapture procs, but it seems at this point….for the 1st 6 fights or so, they are not very stressful on the ol’ mana pool.

    Hmmm. 2 healed Domo interesting.

    That makes me wonder is the risk worth the extra DPS? The amount of dmg that the domo can lash out in scorpion phases can be quite bad.

    I think we run 8/7/6/6/5/4 or something like that. Domo is the only fight so far where I can be running at fumes.


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