The Zen of Butchery

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.

If you didn’t get a holiday weekend, haha, sucks to be you. =P

I spent a little more time over the weekend working on the rogue – specifically leveling leatherworking.

Being the cheap bitch that I am, I refuse to level professions via the AH unless I have taken the time to stock up in advance, snagging good deals over a couple months.

Seeing as how switching around professions on the rogue was a bit of the spur of the moment decision, I did not have the opportunity to lurk in the AH for discount leather.

I did have a little bit of a stockpile from when I was leveling the original Kaayn as a skinner. I was saving it for my druid’s leatherworking.

What? I have a druid?

Yeah, he’s just a glorified bank alt. Male tauren scratch themselves so often I want to give them a flea dip. It got on my nerves so I stopped playing him.

Unfortunately, the reserves I had were not sufficient to support the massive volume of leather one must burn through to level leatherworking.

But that’s ok, I can just farm what I need.

And so my weekend of blissful farming began.

I would calculate how much leather I would need for the next 10-20 points and run off to collect it.

First it was gobs of medium leather.

In Desolace, I found a great place. Fly to Thunk’s Abode and kill all the scorpions and basilisks in the area. Keep an eye out for the pack of hyenas; like the other mobs in the area, they are 30-32 but can just about be one shot. Makes for a nice little pile of corpses to skin.

Mobs in that area drop medium leather about 75% of the time and heavy leather with the odd medium hide making up the remainder.

After medium leather was leveled through, I had to find a new farming spot. I scoured Desolace, but the mobs top out at 33 or so, still giving medium leather the vast majority of the time.

The Warchief’s Command board suggested I head out to Feralas or Dustwallow Marsh next,

I. HATE. Dustwallow.

The trees are so dense and the foliage so thick, it’s an absolute pain for me to see just what the hell is going on around me.

Besides, Feralas has all sorts of things to skin.

I headed to the flight point up north, where the Command Board’s quest wanted me to go and picked up the quests. Skipped killing harpies, can’t skin them, so went south to kill the stags and collect antlers.

Level 35… and they are still skinning up medium.


Turned in that quest and was sent east to put some poor whelplings out of their misery.

Level 35/36… and skinning as medium or Green Dragon Scales. WTF am I supposed to do with those?

But wait, aren’t there some dragons on the Dream Bough island in the Jademir Lake? Where that world dragon is?

Sure enough, there are level 36 dragonkin there.

The world dragon has been replaced by a shade of a level 36 drake, easily dispatched. I was saddened by this, having looked forward to skulking about the island trying to remain unnoticed by an elite dragon that might consider me on par with a chicken nugget.

Best heavy leather farming spot. Evar.

Between the stuff I killed at Thunk’s and this island, I went up 2 if not 3 levels.

And I enjoyed myself very much. This may be indicative of something twisted in my mind that I’m capable of finding repeated wholesale slaughter to be peaceful.

I found my rhythm, the respawn rate was not too fast and not too slow, and the suckers skin as heavy leather 90% of the time with the occasional thick leather or hide.

And now here’s my complaint regarding the Jademir Echospawn dragonkin.

They are capable of speech. They ranted and raved about some Taerer guy or something and the nightmare reigning and the wonders I would see. They wear belts and shoulder armor. They carry weapons. They cast spells.

And I can skin them.

Consistency, Blizzard.

Where is it?

The general assumption was that we weren’t allowed to skin the intelligent races, that that was crossing some sort of perverse line.

Well I’ll take your line and cut right through it as I’m butchering these dragonkin. They might be a little brainwashed, but they seem to be a bit smarter than the furlbog that I can’t skin.

Anyway, I was able to craft myself some useful bracers and my first helm (level 37 and I still had no helm, shame).

Of course, not having run instances or done more than a cooking daily for 2.5 levels meant I was a little behind on the gear curve. I couldn’t even use my new armor kits on my boots – the ilevel 21 Footpads of the Fang.

I’m now in the awkward phase where my skinning is about to max out and be limited by my level, but I still have another 50 points I can get in leatherworking, but I’m not sure what to skin next for my rugged leather.

I guess it’s time to sheathe the skinning knife and get my ass back to work leveling. Oh well, it was relaxing while it lasted.


10 comments on “The Zen of Butchery

  1. Leit says:

    Does LW skip thick leather?

    Either way, try the Badlands. Lots of mobs, well-spaced, skin for a mix of thick and rugged. Probably the lowest lvl area where you’ll get rugged.


    • Leit says:

      I’m told there’s actually a skill somewhere in LW that allows you to turn thick leather into rugged. It’s not efficient, but if you’ve got excess material (and you’re determined not to rely on the AH) then it should help somewhat.

      LW looks like far too much of a grind to level myself – I already lived that joy* with Engineering and Enchanting.

      *disclaimer: may not contain actual joy, happiness or related ingredients. Results may vary. Do not anger the gnomish army knife. The gnomish army knife is your friend…


    • Leit says:

      Speaking as the guy who regularly sees {skull} as the level of mobs in his gathering areas, I heartily endorse this approach.


  2. koalabear21 says:

    Try Un’Goro for your leather needs. It helped a lot to get through the last leather phase before Outlands.

    Winterspring is another good one.


  3. zarigar says:

    that little rogue is going to end up becoming your new main


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