More Lack of Help

Another kitty post, because I can.

The kittens have discovered the kitchen counter.

This is a magical land of white tile, spice jars, and frequent high-velocity sprays of water from the squirt bottle.

While the squirting does get them off the counter they don’t seem to be too phased by it afterwards and soon fall prey again to the siren call of scattered crumbs.

Walk into the kitchen.

Hmmm…. dishes on the rack are dry, I should put them away.

Grab a bowl.

What a cute kitten statue sitting under the cabinet.

Grab another bowl.

That statue is very life-like and very closely resembles our kittens.

Grab the last bowl.

Wait a minute…

*squirt* *squirt* *squirt*

Yes, the kitten fooled me by sitting perfectly still.

In the office, hearing distant noises.

*clink* *clink* *clink*

Well now that sounds like a spoon in a bowl being pushed aside by a rough, little, pink tongue.

Sure enough, she’s perched on the edge of the sink, her paws on the bottom of the sink, her face in the bowl. The bowl had been rinsed so there was maybe one drop of milk in the pool of water.

*squirt* *squirt* *squirt*

I work from home – from the couch to be specific.

Oh, I have an “ergonomically correct” workstation which gave me excruciating pain and a few rounds of physical therapy.

So I type away on my laptop on the couch.

Check my calendar for meetings. My life is all about meetings right now.

No meetings. Yay!

Set the laptop aside to use the rest room.

Come back to see a meeting reminder on my screen.

OMG I’m late for the “qA” meeting! Where the hell did this come from?

(QA is Quality Assurance in my neck of the woods)

No call-in information… no one else besides me on the invite list…

In the space of 5 minutes and 3-4 pawstrokes, they had managed to put a meeting on my calendar, complete with reminder, under a topic that sometimes applies to me.

Ninja kitty fails at hiding.

Nobody here but us water bottles.

Laundry time is also fun time.

Short of me pouring myself a bowl of cereal, nothing seems to draw the kittens out of the woodwork (or out from under the couch) like trying to fold laundry.

Here’s the strategy:

Clear off the entire bed, you’ll need all the space.

Sneak one article of clothing out from under the kitten in the basket, trying to capture their sibling’s tail through the holes.

Lay that article flat.

Return to the basket to withdraw a second article because there is now a kitten laying on the first.

Lay out the second article.

Return to the basket to freely remove a third as the basket kitten has moved to the second piece.

Begin folding the third article until kitten 1 or 2 moves on to it.

Switch to the now-vacant article and fold it quickly.

Snatch another article out of the basket as a kitten jumps back in.

Repeat process, moving between kitten-less articles until all laundry is folded.

Alternatively, dump out all laundry on the bed.

Invert the laundry basket over one kitten, trapping it.

The second kitten *should* remain focused on tormenting their sibling long enough to fold 5-6 items.

Just now, the little man was rolling around on my desk, scattering paperwork (all WoW-related anyway), and just generally being adorable.

Next thing I know, he’s slinking off the desk and out of the room, my pen dangling from his mouth!

Anything that is small enough to be orally portable has a special fascination for them.

Pen has been rescued, now he’s attempting to climb into the bag of clean litter.

If you are ever grouped with me and I post that my cat is on fire immediately prior to going AFK, it just might be true.


3 comments on “More Lack of Help

  1. Stubborn says:

    Adorable. I raised a few kittens in my time, too, mostly in smaller numbers than you seem to be dealing with, though. My first kitten was an abandoned one without a mother who was very, very young. We had to feed her with a special gizmo, etc. My wife and I still laugh about the various kitten hijinks we learned about, too. Don’t leave the dishwasher open, for example, as it’s an unexplored place, and therefore fascinating. Walking around in the dark became a whole new experience, too, since moving tails wasn’t a skill that had been learned yet (nothing wakes you up like the howl from stepping on a cat’s tail).

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing all these cute incidences.


  2. Mom says:

    Mine was just sitting on the microwave table watching the food go ’round trying to figure out how to get the food out. Kitties are so much fun! Except for the litter box thing :P
    Mine also keeps figuring out where her treats are hidden and I keep having to find new hiding spots.They’re now in a desk drawer that she’s been trying to figure out how to open.
    And the pen thing, have the same problem she keeps taking pens and pencils, can never find them.
    So happy to have a kitting again :)


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