Raid in Review – Where do we go from here

OK, so this raid in review is a little early this week.

Maybe I should have just said this would be a regular feature appearing any day except Tuesday.

The main raid on Tuesday went fairly well.

Our druid healer showed up on time (her job is notorious for making her stay late to beat common sense into people that are incapable of washing dishes) so she and the pally 2-healed while I actually got to bring my mage in.

It was fairly amusing heading past the first two bosses and seeing the messages for discovering new areas pop up.

Previously I had downed Beth and Shannox. Rhyolith was surprisingly similar to DPS as it was to heal; in my smite spec I always spend a good portion of that fight DPSing anyway.

I was given a flight license for Alysrazor and didn’t fare too poorly. (That means I didn’t fall out of the sky to my death.)

The advice was given in the whirlwind phase to just pick a tornado and follow it since I had a full speed buff. That almost turned out to be a disaster. I ended up sticking with my tried-and-true dance pattern and did much better.

Baleroc… I panicked when my next in line wasn’t there to take the crystal from me. I was worried about it landing on someone else that already had the debuff if I moved, tried to iceblock, and just didn’t make it in time.

We know how to get the achievement on the trash leading up to Domo, but invariably someone runs straight into the AoE and negates it for everyone. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get it, if we raid. (Hey, that’s called foreshadowing!)

Something wasn’t meshing right on the Domo fight and we had a couple wipes.

Ready check.

Every one is here, except the GM.

Raid warnings, calls in vent.

No GM.

One of our officers is feeling wretched (he ended up in the ER the next day) so we call the raid on account of a missing GM.

(Turns out he fell asleep in his chair, but I was really worried until we heard from him the next day.)

Wednesday was cleaning up Domo and facing Rag, over and over again.

And again on Thursday.

True to the DH-style, we waltzed in, got him to 18% and then took our tickets for the short bus to hell.

People are getting frustrated. Angry words are being exchanged.

I’ve heard back in vanilla, Rag was known for destroying guilds and he seems to be attempting his old tricks again.

Our pally (and best) healer left on a whim on Friday. He’s worried that if he didn’t leave he might be stuck in that rut forever. I can’t blame him.

Tir had found a weekend raiding guild to take one of his neglected characters (it’s hard in a small guild on a small server to raid effectively on 5 toons) and ended up moving them all over there for raiding.

I’m staying with Darkest Hour. We have some people coming back from retirement and we’ve got some ideas about restructuring to spread out some of the stress. We may not see Rag for a week or two and we will most likely have a completely different group makeup when we do, but we’re not out of the game just yet.


2 comments on “Raid in Review – Where do we go from here

  1. slice213 says:


    GL to both of you!


  2. Cayle says:

    what slice said.

    I’m sure DH will recover, sometimes it takes an overhaul to get going again!


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