Bizzarro WoW: The Coin Purse

When Tir transferred his toons to their new home, he, of course, was able to transfer all their gold and worldly possessions with them.

But what about me?

I was starting out from scratch, no gold, no bags, no heirlooms, nada.

And I’m already in a position where I’ve been able to afford all my class training, my profession training, a respec on the druid, and have a cushion for upcoming expenditures.

How do I do it?

Roll a new character and start questing. You’ll need to have a little capital to get this going, it takes money to make money.

As you are questing, keep the following in mind:

  • Loot everything. Yes, that broken bone may only be worth a copper, but it’s a copper you didn’t have. Bags are much more plentiful in the starter areas so bag space should not be a concern if you are returning to the quest hub regularly. Turn on auto loot in the Options to speed this up.
  • Learn your class skills as they are unlocked. It’s a small investment to be able to complete quests faster and easier.
  • Equip grays and whites that are upgrades. Again, no sense in making things difficult and they can be vendored for the same amount whether you’ve used them or not (minus repairs of course).
  • Choose quest rewards with money in mind. Take the best item that you can use or take the one that will vendor for the most if none are appropriate for your class.
  • Professions are your friend. Choose gathering professions that complement your leveling area. Teldrassil is lousy for mining so I always go herbalism/skinning there. If your character can heal, don’t bother with first aid. Do, however, pick up cooking and fishing.
  • Keep an eye out for profitable kills. Cats tend to not drop much loot, but the leather adds up. Birds drop eggs, always a good seller, particularly near the holidays. Cloth always sells. If a quest doesn’t call for it and the mob has a history of dropping crap, skip it.

When you’ve netted about 10 silver, it’s time to move on to the nearest auction house.

Now’s the time it may behoove you to set aside this character as a bank alt. My druid is currently a bank bitch, but I may roll another character to pick up the position since I was enjoying the druid. Park the character in a capitol, preferably a deserted one. From this point on, they only leave if you are bored and want to farm with your gathering professions.

Scan the AH with a tool like Auctioneer. This is something you will need to do on a regular basis to keep up with market trends. Depending on the size of the market and how volatile it is, you may need daily scans for a week or more before the trends start emerging. We chose a deserted capital so that scans will complete faster.

Until then, make use of the vendor scan feature. It’s amazing, but even after Blizzard added a vendor price to the standard tooltip, people still post items for less than they could have vendored them for.

Buy out cheap items to vendor, sell them immediately, return to AH for more. If you are logging out for a while, take a look at the shorter duration auctions that you might be able to bid on for a profit. Nothing like logging back in to a full mailbox of crap to sell and make gold.

The second reason for picking a lesser-visited capitol is to find the niche market for that area. Each city sells a collection of patterns or items, usually in limited quantity, that may not be available in other cities. These patterns and pets are generally less than a gold to purchase from a vendor but may sell for upwards of 10 gold.

Remember how we picked up cooking and fishing? Do the daily quests for those professions. Both will give a little bit of cash and some XP. Extra fish can be vendored. The Bag of Shiny Things occasionally contains junk that has a decent gold sale value on it or it may even have useful items that can be sold on the AH. The cooking daily will give cooking tokens. These are of no use to a bank alt for buying recipes, but every 2 tokens can net you a box of meat – the contents of which can usually be posted for decent gold.

At this point, I had close to 200 gold on my bank alt in under a week, with very little time and effort on my part. I’ve sent a few gold to each of my characters and I’ve started to invest in Netherweave to have some bags made for them.

Next up will be breaking into the materials needed for their crafting professions and starting to make a profit on those!


One comment on “Bizzarro WoW: The Coin Purse

  1. zarigar says:

    time is money, friend


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