Bizzarro WoW: Wooooooooo!

I swear, the only reason I roll draenei females is to hear the cute noises they make when they get smacked around.

That and I’m a fan of the /waggle.

Anyway, here are some of the Wooooooooo! moments that I’ve had leveling this gaggle of alts.


When I rolled my first night elf warrior (poor, poor warrior), I struggled with bag space. It actually took me a while to figure out how to sell stuff to the vendor (FYI – clicking on the Buyback tab does nothing for you if you haven’t actually sold them anything yet) and I was just accumulating so much crap so quickly. By the time I limped in to Darnassus (nasty incident with the lamp post behind me), a friend was ready and waiting with a gift of 5 gold and a parcel of bags.

ZOMG. He was god. 5 gold? All for me? And bags. I think they were the black silk packs. But they were BAGS.

Then I made a little draenei something or other, think it was the shaman, and what’s this? After just a handful of quests I’m being handed a bag? This is the BEST QUEST EVAR! This joy was mirrored when I finally made the move to the Horde and rolled almost exclusively blood elves, smug in my knowledge that a bag was just around the corner for me.

By the time my Bizzarro night elf druid made it to Darnassus (for real, the second time, not just delivering a recipe book), I had more bags than I had bag slots. Right now, I have small brown bags sitting in my bank, waiting for me to purchase bank slots for them to nestle in. Oh, and they slide right into the next available bag slot as you loot them. No more dropping crap to have enough space to pick up a bag to equip it.

Assuming that the increase in bag goodness was across the board, I was looking forward to the plethora of bags I would soon obtain on my Bizzarro draenei priest. OK, got the quest bag. And by level 10, that was it. No bag drops, no bags falling from the sky. Apparently they grow on the branches of Teldrassil, but not in the forests surrounding Azure Watch.

I splurged on some cheap stacks of Netherweave (less than 6g a stack) and shipped them off to Tir’s tailor to craft me some bags. I’ve divvied them up amongst most of my toons and have bag issues no more. For now.


If you’ve ever rolled a nelf, you know that they are fond of putting quest NPCs at the tops of trees. There are long, winding paths to get up and around the tree but no one ever takes the path down, we all just risk the damage and hope to land as graceful as possible from several stories up. Maybe some nice kid raked up a pile of leaves for us to land in. Or one of those little furry nightsabers will walk by and break the fall. The developers must do the exact same thing because now we get the “Wind’s Embrace” buff. It’s basically a 2-minute Slow Fall/Levitate.


The other day I struck a chord with players that have experienced the old-school hell known as the Ban’ethil Barrow Den and the quest for the Relics of Wakening. I skimmed the text when I picked it up my druid, oh god, this quest, don’t need to read it, it sucks, what more do I need to know? I was therefore a little surprised when a sentinel popped out of the Nether to help me.

I was even more surprised when I happened to stay still longer than 0.02 seconds after picking up the quest a second time on my Bizzarro mage and saw that they even offered transport there!

And this is on top of the “oh, just run this item up to the capital real quick, won’t you, please?” quests that give you a damned bird to fly on to get there! Feel free to insert your own version of the “barefoot in the snow and uphill both ways” story.

Automatically having a handful of pertinent flight points as you level is also a bittersweet sort of thing. Never again will there be parties of low-level, naked guildies running from flight point to flight point through contested territories with amused max-cap characters acting as escorts. 


As in, all uptime, no downtime. The regen in place at these lower levels is INSANE.


So far, damage is fairly equal between the classes, but if I have to pick some as higher it goes to the clothies. Not sure why, but my Bizzarro mage and Bizzarro priest are really pushing the damage meter. (OK, as far as a character under level 10 can push a meter. It’s double digits, alright?) Survivability also seems a little higher on the clothies; most likely because everything is dead before it can touch me whereas the melee-type sort of have to take it to the face. (Note: as soon as I was able to craft myself some BS gear it practically doubled. Let’s hear it for weapons that do more than 1.4 DPS!)

Weapon Skills

There are none! I was mulling over replacing a mace with a sword and weighing the increase in damage over the time required to level the skill and it dawned on me – no more weapon skills. I can swap out weapons willy nilly and not be penalized.

That’s what’s really caught my eye so far.


8 comments on “Bizzarro WoW: Wooooooooo!

  1. telanarra says:

    Hands down the HV FP run is one of my top wow memories. Gawd we got some odd comments from peeps.


  2. repgrind says:

    The Draenei and Belf areas are BC content, thus were not updated for Cata. That’s why you only get one bag there .. hey, it was cutting edge awesomeness back then to even get one! :p

    The sounds that female draenei make along with how silly they look in plate is why my DK got a race change way back when. I like their lore, but I can’t stand to play them.


    • slice213 says:

      Waggles look good in plate…you need yo eyes checked!


    • repgrind says:

      I don’t like the way it looks on their legs … they look fine in robes but still drive me nuts with their sounds. Although it’s better than female belfs. Female belf voices are like nails on chalkboards … especially when they laugh.

      Go ahead, you can try to beat me up now .. just don’t break a toothpick arm in the attempt. :p


    • zarigar says:

      haaaaate female belf laugh…there’s one by the Horde vendor in Deepholm that laughs every 5 seconds..I wish she would die


  3. slice213 says:

    Haters gonna hate!


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