Bizzarro WoW: Quick Peek

I’ve been crazy sick (a blog post in its own right about me finally getting antibiotics…) so don’t have a lot of stuff to say.

That isn’t entirely true.

I don’t have a lot of coherent things to say.

But expect something in the near-ish future regarding the announced 4.3 goodies.

As soon as what I want to say makes sense to me.

Anyways, here’s a snapshot for my future curiosity about how my little bizzarro characters are faring.

I am trouncing conventional (and my usual) wisdom of leveling each of them as dual-gatherers.

I’m doing this the hard way in so many ways – no guild, no heirlooms, no nothing.

DK (58) – Herbalism 142; Mining 107

Warrior (12) – Blacksmith 105; Engineering 49

Mage (7) – Enchanting 50; Tailoring 36

Rogue (7) – Skinning 2; Leatherworking 1

Paladin (10) – Inscription 99; Herbalism 25

Priest (10) – Alchemy 94; Herbalism 51

And the druid just hit 16 doing dailies, gogo travel form!

Obviously, the DK is the gathering bitch for the whole family.

The warrior has had the most fun, burning through ore like mad in his blacksmithing- but also making stuff that’s useful to the rest of the group. My pally is decked out in a matching crafted set and there will soon be knives in the hands of my rogue.

Yes, they are wearing the same gear. She’ll have the mallet in another level.

Engineering is falling a little behind, but I’ve never leveled it before so I’m just sort of splashing around, vaguely aware that I’ll need to keep most of what I make as components of later gadgets.

Cloth has been a bit hard to come by so my tailoring is lagging a bit. I still can’t make anything useful so I’m not really pushing it. I should go farm some linen.

Enchanting was decently easy to level so far. I have a steady supply of vellums from my scribe, who gained a ton of points off making them, I had been picking over the enchanting supply vendor for mats every time my bank alt logged on, all my greens that didn’t have a good chance of selling were shunted here to DE (and a whole lot that I crafted to level BS), and simple wands are fucking cheap to make.

The rogue… well, there just hasn’t been a whole lot to skin yet in the Worgen starting area. Or I’m too caught up in how cool it all is (yes, I’ll probably do a guchy post about it) and have been forgetting to skin. I’ve also been sick, so my judgement is more flawed than normal.

Inscription has been cake to level, with the pally getting all the cast-off herbs from the alchemist when she out-levels a band. Funny thing about inscription, you never really run out of uses for the lower-level crap. Everyone eventually needs a glyph made with Midnight Ink. She has herbalism to go with it for now… and may always. I think I have all the other professions accounted for and it just makes sense.

The priest currently has herbalism as well, but that will be replaced with JC as soon as I’m done whoring all the copper on my warrior. The alchemy is proceeding nicely and is dictating the zones that my DK is farming in.

So that’s how I’ve been amusing myself through my illness. But now we have antibiotics!


6 comments on “Bizzarro WoW: Quick Peek

  1. zarigar says:

    there’s really only one place in the worgen starting zone where you can skin


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