Bizzarro WoW: The Twittery

As the post title suggests, I spent some time this weekend on my Alliance characters.

I decided since the druid was at full rested XP she deserved setting aside the AH ledger and stepping foot in to a dungeon.

(Funny how the bank toon was the highest level, amazing what the daily cooking and fishing dailies will do for you at the lower levels.)

My gear is rather craptastic as my last few levels were gained via the aforementioned dailies – the best (and only) gear reward to be obtained through them was my fishing hat. As such, I decided that entering a dungeon queue as a healer might not be in the best interest of my party.

Good god, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My first foray in to the low-level Alliance dungeon finder netted me a fresh Deadmines.

The druid healer was the highest level of the group.

Obviously, this was to be rewarded by doing anything other than healing.

Man a cannon?






Ignore the tank’s health to the point where he dies at least 4 times before we’ve cleared the first boss?


I decided I would step in to snipe a few heals as the tank was getting rather (and reasonably) upset and the “healer” was not responding in chat.


Since I hadn’t planned on actually doing any healing, I hadn’t gotten around to setting up my heal macros.

(How do people click to heal? Mouseover for life!)

Eventually the shaman, who had ended up doing most of the tanking while I was scraping the tank off the floor, told the “healer” to go kitty and he would take care of the heals.

Success was had.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to read all the quests as we moved through, I’ll have to do it on my DK so I can read what the lead up to the “cookie crumbling” punchline was at the end. I do appreciate a bad pun on occasion.

Tangent the first: Have you ever spelled a word that you normal butcher and when the spell check doesn’t light up you immediately spell something wrong to double check that the damn thing is actually on? I never spell occasion right the first time…

Tangent the second: Why didn’t we just kick the “healer”? Well, I can’t speak for the rest of the party, but as a blogger and an innately curious individual, I want to keep watching the train wreck. At these levels it’s not like I’m anxiously trying to slog through as quickly as possible to collect points or gear. If it takes an extra 10 minutes and I might get something funny out of it, totally worth the risk.

My second dungeon excursion was a Shadowfang Keep and I zoned in somewhere in the middle.

Again, a druid healer.

Some crappy blue bracers with agility drop.

Healer rolls need.

Paladin admits that they aren’t great but are an upgrade and rolls need.

I’m there as a caster and could really care less about getting agi gear so roll greed, as does the rest of the party.

Paladin wins.

Healer throws a hissy fit and demands that we back him up on it.

I point out that it didn’t make much sense for the healer to roll need on it.

“My spec is feral.”

Well, according to the party frame, you’re here as MS heals.

“Well yeah, I CAN heal…”

(Note that the proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling were added to avoid bleeding eyes on the part of my readers.)

The tank points out that the drop blows for both of them and he should just get over it.

His ranting continues through to the end of the dungeon.

He’s level 20 so I try to reason with him that it’s not like he’s twinking at 19 and in the next 2 hours it won’t matter because he’ll be replacing it anyways.

“I’m twinking at 20.”



So is it just night elf druids?

(I hope not, because that’s what I rolled. Unless this means I have a free pass to be a twit because I jiggle my boobs when I bounce.)

Or do the low-level dungeons act as a sort of nursery for all the little twits and the class/race thing was coincidence?

Oh, and totally need help here: That 1.5 dungeons put me out of the leveling zone for the first hub in Darkshore (Lor-do-something). The Hero’s Call Board doesn’t have a quest for me yet. I’m level 18. Where the fuck am I supposed to level?


12 comments on “Bizzarro WoW: The Twittery

  1. Alan says:

    There are a lot of twits in low level dungeons – on both sides. The puchline at the end of Deadmines is from a string of quests in Westfall starring Lieutenant Horatio Laine, which is a spoof/nod to CSI Miami. Just imagine hime taking off his sunglasses while delivering his line.

    There’s a good leveling map at and there should be a second Hero’s Call Board which should point you to Darkshore/Dun Morogh/Redridge.


  2. Leit says:

    Hey, don’t put down clicky heals until you’ve tried a many-button mouse and Vuhdo… I can’t heal with mouseovers. Just prefer the particular feedback of a mouseclick.

    Sadly, there are more than enough people in the early queues who are either defensively aggressive because they’re not confident in their playstyle or who simply seem to be permanently watching a video of their gran being kicked in the nuts* on their other screen just to keep their aggro up. Oddly, these seem to appear in waves rather than consistently.

    * oh yeah i’m classy like that


    • Leit says:

      There goes my joke about them being available in pink.

      Gf uses a razer with about a billion buttons… though to be fair, she also said it looked smaller when she ordered it.

      Very early on, before I knew about Vuhdo, I had the same targetting issue. Not having to worry about that is also just part of the package.


  3. At the risk of being off-topic, am I the only who doesn’t need any special tricks to heal (no offense to those who do)? Every healer I talk to talks about macros and add-ons and all that and how they can’t live without them, and I just don’t get it.

    I don’t use any healing add-ons (just Recount). My healers each have only one macro. My shammy has nature’s swiftness and healing surge macroed together because that class is low on instant cast heals, and my paladin has a macro to automatically activate divine favor with lay on hands, cause I figure if things got fucked up enough to need lay on hands, then divine favor is probably going to come in handy, too. And paladins have such a redonkulous number of cooldowns that if I happen to waste one, it doesn’t much matter.

    Anyway, I just don’t see what’s so bad about clicking on portraits. I suppose if you’re in a 25 man raid, the split second saved by not clicking might make a difference, but otherwise, I don’t see the need.


    • tirthedk says:

      1) Recount is not a healing add-on.

      2) Nothing your post really tells us what you do to heal


      “(Note that the proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling were added to avoid bleeding eyes on the part of my readers.)”


      I submit this exhibit for the jury’s consideration:

      “Tangent the first: Have you ever spelled a word that you normal butcher and when the spell check doesn’t light up you immediately spell something wrong to double check that the damn thing is actually on?”


    • I know Recount isn’t a healing add-on… That’s exactly what I said.

      I just heal… normally. I click one someone’s portrait and hit the hotkey for whichever spell I want to use. I guess that’s just a foreign concept to most people.


    • Leit says:

      It’s possible to heal without addons, but to me it just feels very clumsy. Like I said earlier, I like the tactile feedback of click-to-heal, and the muscle memory is easier for me to build up.

      Also, I prefer to have my heals mapped to clicks and my cooldowns/utilities on my hotbar. Gives me a lot of room to map abilities that wouldn’t find their way onto my other characters’ bars.

      I even use Vuhdo for my tank… being able to share your Word of Glory while offtanking, drop a Hand of Salvation or Protection on a healer, or worst case scenario save your co-tank with a LoH *without switching from your current target* is incredibly useful.


    • ReversionLFG says:

      Even in 5 mans the split second can be the different between wipe and win. There are things you can do with a good macro or an addon that are just too slow without. For example I drop out of bear to cleanse things off people. When everyone was less geared and the healer was a class that could not remove curses, doing that was the difference between a wipe and a kill on the last boss in SFK. I could do that fast and easy only beacuse it was one click in vuhdo.


  4. […] yesterday, Arioch posted about her low level experiences on her baby night elf druid. Well, no, it’s not just night […]


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