Bizzarro WoW: The Young Druid

I finally broke down and made a real bank alt character and am in the process of shifting the bank duties from my night elf druid to the new sucker.

Since my leveling pattern was already screwed over by my leveling-by-cooking/fishing, I’ve decided that dungeons will be the main method for leveling the druid. I’ll quest while in queue, but this is not the character that I will thoroughly experience the Alliance side of the post-Cataclysm world.

I plan on dual speccing balance – resto at 30, and am leveling as balance until I get there.

Druidic issues at level 21:

Yeah, my boots are big. Want to make something of it?

1 – ZOMG where is my mana regen?!?!?! The rest of the party is chain pulling and I’m rifling through my bags looking for anything I can drink. I will squeeze water out of Spongy Morels if I have to, just give me mah manas! (I did just get to drop two points into Moonglow, which I hope alleviates some of the problem.)

2 – But that brings me to issue number two: WANT ALL THE TALENT POINTS. First tier has spell haste, reduced cast times on prime spells, and increased crit. Yes, please.

Second tier has DoT duration increase, mana cost reduction, and damage increase rolled up with the hit-from-spirit talent. Yes, please.

Third tier, I can’t even reach yet and I’m drooling. Mana regen, crit chicken benefits, and make-my-Starsurge-better. Yes, please.

I really need to find a leveling spec to figure out what’s best because almost every talent looks tasty.

3 – I’ve got all these great talents, some cool spells, but I’m not 100% sure that I’m druiding correctly. In a dungeon, assuming that the mob will stay alive longer than 10 seconds:

  • I’m placing priority on getting my DoTs up (Moonfire and Insect Swarm).
  • If I am in an Eclipse state, I cast the appropriate spell (Starfire or Wrath) as denoted by the pretty, sparkly border. (Blizzard says, “Push this one, dummy!”).
  • If I am not in an eclipse state, I cast Starsurge if it is not on cooldown. (I have a tendency to forget which phase I’m heading for in between pulls and this is a helpful reminder of “Go solar, dummy!” or “Go lunar, dummy!”)
  • If Starsurge is not available, I cast Starfire or Wrath, depending on which direction I think I’m supposed to go.

4 – I don’t feel exactly “squishy” while solo, but I don’t feel very confident that I can take down multiple mobs if the shit hits the fan. My cast time on Entangling Roots is ghastly long. I have no stuns, no interrupts, no purges/cleanses. I’ve got Thorns. Big whoop-de-doo. I imagine I could swap forms for survival, but as I don’t spend a lot of time in bear or cat, I would probably lose more time trying to figure out what was where doing what on my bars before I could respond to the threat with anything more than a string of profanity.

I’m actually not certain why I enjoy playing this character, but she’s the highest level out of my bizzarro stable. So I guess I’ll continue to flounder around with all this eclipse business. We’ll see how much I enjoy balance when I have to be in the chicken suit.


15 comments on “Bizzarro WoW: The Young Druid

  1. Leit says:

    Mmm, durids.

    Feral: “okay, so I can either try to tank with autoattack, or… fuckshitballs, not another rogue”
    Balance: “wtf is this shit… got a bar at the top, things light up… bar keeps moving… it’s raining in palestine… /flail”
    Resto: okay, I haven’t actually tried this, but from my gf’s experience, resto druids are UTTERLY INVINCIBLE. Like go herbing in an area 12 levels above you, aggro multiple mobs and still make it out unscathed style invincible.

    I’m impressed the balance mechanic made intuitive sense to you. It just confused me more.

    (pardon the profanity)


    • Leit says:

      Hey, I’m a guest here. I respect your space and you… provide protection from Visigoths, I guess? Or maybe share your wife, if you’re an Inuit? I dunno, pretty sure there’s a reason somewhere in there.


    • zarigar says:

      “Balance: “wtf is this shit… got a bar at the top, things light up… bar keeps moving… it’s raining in palestine… /flail”


      I had to do a troll once as balance because slice’s priest didn’t have dps spec and I just pounded on random buttons and hoped for the best.


    • Leit says:

      You should know that fortune cookies are always true. Especially the ones that say “There are many raid wipes in your future”.

      (there’s a reason they’re the premier int buff food.)

      (and that reason is fishing for sagefish = fail.)


  2. Windsoar says:

    I actually ended up with a 1-50 noobkin guide after I leveled mine. I was having an inferiority complex because my hubby’s been playing a moonkin since BC and I was just *sure* I was doing it wrong.

    Just to save me some typing ( ^^


  3. I’m not exactly an expert on boomkins (my doggie laser chicken (god, I love this game sometimes) is only level fifty-something), so take my advice with a grain of salt, but a few tips:

    I might consider laying off the moonfire a bit if you’re having mana issues. It doesn’t do a huge amount of damage, but its mana cost is ungodly. I definitely wouldn’t bother if you’re not in lunar eclipse, at least until you get the sunfire talent.

    Also, I cast starsurge on cooldown regardless of where I am in my eclipse state. It does massive damage no matter what and does a great job of moving you toward your next eclipse state.

    Survivability can be an issue early on. Once you get typhoon, it’s much easier. Knock them all back, multi-DoT, root one. You’re golden. Plus all that fat on the laser chicken form absorbs damage pretty well. In the meantime, at least you can heal yourself.


    • zarigar says:

      save those knockbacks for dungeon runs where they belong ;)


    • zarigar says:

      No, I don’t want to find myself falling in love with Leetlockwand and unable to give him up.


  4. tirthedk says:

    I am so glad that no one in your house plays a boomk….oh wait. I guess Sekola is a waste of fucking space. Off to delete my drood.


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