Raid in Review: Memory loss or Too big for our britches?

Tuesday opened up with a 6/7 clear, three-healed to try and get a new healer some gear.

(The shaman we brought last time has been asked to switch to his paladin so that the paladin can switch to his rogue. No, I don’t try to keep it all straight any more.)

Per our normal strategy, we spent the last few pulls of the evening lulling Ragnaros into a false sense of security.

It was stupid time, so we called it for the evening with plans on returning the next evening.

Of course, half the raid didn’t show up on Wednesday.


Thursday, we shall kill Rag!

And on Thursday, we did.

Just waltzed in and laid the smack down on the first try, garnering me a kill on Selwyn.

We also got an achievement…

What to do now?

We’re still missing most of our heroic BWD/BoT kills and had discussed heading over to BoT on Tuesday.

So naturally, because I had spent time reading up on the heroic BoT fights, it’s decided to head to BWD.

Once upon a time, we had spent several nights working on the Heroic Magmaw fight, getting very close to a kill. For whatever reason, I don’t think we ever attempted again after that spurt of interest.

There is a brief discussion of the mechanics that are unique to heroic and we’re off.

And we’re wiped.

And again.

Did that a few more times and just said, fuck it. We’ll do Magmaw and Omnitron on normal and at least get heroic Chimearon and Maloriak.

Kill Magmaw.

Move to Omnitron.

I’m healing on Selwyn, but I’m in smite spec so I’ve got the boss targeted.

Hmmm… is no one going to interrupt that Arcane Annihilator heading my way?



Oh, another one coming to me.


About this time I start screaming for the melee to do their fucking job and interrupt. I know it’s been a while since we’ve been in here, but seriously. If it has a cast bar and it’s not a spiffy mechanic that shouldn’t be interrupted, just interrupt the damn thing. I am much more interested in getting an achievement for doing the encounter correctly than I am in having more unnecessary damage to heal.

No one interrupts.

I’m doing a fair bit of yelling at this point and then I realize that no one can hear me. I had unplugged the mic earlier (yes, I plugged it back in, even into the correct port) but because I didn’t click a pop up box to confirm that, yes, it REALLY was the microphone again, my computer decided it was a useless port. Never mind that it didn’t require me to confirm the headphones. Just the mic.

By the time we clear Omnitron, our MT was really tired after a long day and wanted to call it.

I agreed.

Not because we were tired but because our “experienced” and “seasoned” and “veteran” raiders had apparently checked their brains at the door of the instance.

I get that it’s older content. I get that we may have gotten a little rusty on some fights that we haven’t seen in a while. But that’s no excuse for complacency or laziness.

If it casts, interrupt it.

If it’s bad, don’t stand in it.

If it chains, spread out.

Basic. Fucking. Raiding.


2 comments on “Raid in Review: Memory loss or Too big for our britches?

  1. Leit says:

    Interrupts and add control are the first thing to go in older content. It’s ridiculous. Sure, the oozes don’t oneshot anymore, but standing around casting while they creep up to you and explode is only likely to give your healer fits.

    Try Nef for a neat wakeup call. Those adds will still eat any tank if not handled properly, and tunnelvisioning DPS pushing crackles will still wipe you. It’s not the hardest fight in the world if you’ve got any form of co-ordination – I’ve seen pugs pull it off without a hitch – but take an overconfident team that isn’t paying attention and you’re in for trouble.


  2. Devee says:

    Sometimes I feel like doing older content is more frustrating that current content. I feel that way about heroics 100% now. I find groups struggling more in the original Cataclysm heroics more than the Rise of the Zandalari ones.


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