Macro PSA

I like macros.

I am by no means an expert at their creation, but with enough time and puttering about on outdated forums, I can usually get a string of text that performs what I’m looking for.

However, sometimes the game conspires against me.

Case in point:

I’m working on my bizzarro druid. Now I don’t plan on tanking any time soon with her, but I would like to have a taunt available should the need ever arise for me to play the hero and save the healer or something exciting like that.

It’s a taunt so I’ll put it on the T button.

(See what I did there?)

For druids, one must be in bear form to growl.

Makes sense. I’m not terribly terrifying with my pixie hair cut, pointy ears, and jiggly boobs.

So I want a macro that checks to see if I’m in bear form, shafeshifts me if I am not, casts Growl once in the appropriate form, and if I hold Shift while activating the macro I want it to pull me out of bear and make me a nelf again. (When I have boomkin form, that part will need to be replaced with the appropriate form.)

No problem!

I’ve used another macro very similar to this on a warrior where I would stance dance into defensive, taunt, and return.

Copy/paste macro.

Update to reflect animals and growls.

I arrive at:

#showtooltip Growl
/cast [nostance:1,nomod:shift] Bear Form;
[target=mouseover,harm,nodead] [nomod:shift] Growl
/cancelform [nostance:0,mod:shift]

Beautiful! It also includes some mouseover capability and won’t attempt to fire Growl again while leaving bear form.

Find a hapless squirrel.

T – Bear

T – Growl. RAWR!!!!

Your mother was a hamster!

Shift T – Derp


Shift T – Herp


Not as intended. She just sits there, waggling her bear butt.

I begin deconstructing the macro, making smaller macros to cover each portion of the action.

For ease of use, these are getting lined up on the number keys.

OK, each section works.

Put it back together.

T – Bear

T – Growl. RAWR!!!!

Shift T – Derp

*commence hair pulling*

Each piece works on its own.

Maybe it’s the shift modifier?

T – Bear

T – Growl. RAWR!!!!

Ctrl T – *poof* Pointy ears and boob jiggle!!!


And the light bulb goes off.

There must be something in the keybinds interfering with Shift T.

Come to think of it, I think this macro wasn’t on T on my warrior. I think it got moved to G for some reason… maybe because I couldn’t get it to work, got frustrated and moved it to a key that it did work on…

Off to the keybind interface!

Scroll, scroll, scroll, nothing, nothing, ah-ha!

Pet attack?

Fuck that noise.


T – Bear

T – Growl. RAWR!!!!

Shift T – *poof* Pointy ears and boob jiggle!!!

So the moral of the story is pet classes suck.


4 comments on “Macro PSA

  1. Darraxus says:




  2. Stubborn says:

    I’ve had so many little weirdnesses with macros just like this; I’m “glad” (though also sympathetic) to see it’s not just me. Nice post (:


  3. Devee says:

    That moral at the end definitely made me laugh!


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