These are the people I work with

BlizzCon is this weekend so I will be sure to have Con-goodies to share next Monday, but I wanted to share this little tangent with you all.

And there is a possibility of an event that may or may not be happening in my WoW life. There is so much speculation that I don’t even want to put any of it down “on paper” for fear that it does or does not happen and I will or will not look like an idiot. Yes, it is all clear as mud and a definite maybe. I should know more or less in about 2 weeks, but it’s sort of hanging over my head and coloring things I do and do not do.

So without getting in to what may or may not be, I can say that work has been kicking my ass again.

I work in a department with other Technical Writers. I am currently assigned to the Large, Nasty Project.

I am the only one on the team assigned to the LNP and all I do is work on the LNP. For the LNP I do technical writing, business analysis, process modeling, Quality Assurance, website trending, basically whatever they think would be a fun hoop for me to jump through. For the most part it isn’t bad, just a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo to wade through and even more “hurry up and wait” trying to get schedules and deadlines and deliverables to line up with people giving a rat’s ass about their responsibilities. (Yes, “deliverables” is a word in my job.)

The other technical writers on my team are each assigned a portion of the rest of the business that they support. (Think Customer Service, Production, etc.)

So Team Mate A sends out a spreadsheet to the people she supports. It lists all the documents that she has recently updated, including a link to the document in our internal library. This is a process that happens on a regular basis, probably about every week.

Random Employee receives the spreadsheet, and being a responsible employee, actually clicks on the links to review the changes to the documents.

Except 2 of the links take you to the OLD document, not the new one.

So Random Employee replies to the email, “hey, 2 of your links take us to the wrong document, please fix.”

Team Mate A has a neurological shut down and forwards the email to Team Mate B, asking Team Mate B to look in to the problem.

Now Team Mate B sits about 2 seats away from Team Mate A but deals with an entirely different section of the business. Matter of fact, her job is more analytical in nature and she rarely updates any documents. She certainly doesn’t update documents for Team Mate A’s section of the company and would have no business creating, modifying, or sending a spreadsheet out about those documents.

Team Mate B responds with a polite, “what the fuck are you smoking?”

Team Mate A then decides that the root of the problem MUST be with me and forwards the mess for me to “check it out.”

I then have to go through all my records for the past year to make absolutely sure that these documents weren’t somehow related to the LNP.

Nope. I have no record of these documents.

I respond back explaining that they have nothing to do with the LNP and that, since Team Mate A is the one that created and owns the spreadsheet, perhaps she should be the one to fix the incorrect links that she created.

No response.

So I have no idea if the lightbulb went off or if this issue is going to make the complete rounds through my department. I can see her forwarding it to each team member in turn asking for them to have a look.

(This is one of the few times that I wished I worked in the office. I imagine if the lightbulb went off I could have watched it happen, complete with a little flickering light and a bit of smoke wafting out her ears, followed by a sheepish smile that said, “DERP!”)

Back to work now.

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One comment on “These are the people I work with

  1. gravedust13 says:

    Today at work I drew a picture of a robot!



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