BlizzCon 2011! Day 2

So apparently I never got around to finishing this post and putting it up on the interwebz. Since there is going to be quite a commotion around here in the next few days (you should have all the details by next week, if not sooner) I should probably get this post out of the way.

Day 1 was full of announcements and day 2 was more follow up with Q&A.

The morning opened with a live raid challenge in which members of Blood Legion (Horde) and Vodka (Alliance) were pitted against each other in a race to Ragnaros’ death. All the trash was removed from Firelands and a special teleportation NPC was added to allow the 2 25-man teams to move directly from boss to boss in an attempt to kill Rag first. Oh, did I mention it was all on heroic?

Remember when we started in FL with our little 10-man groups and we had 3 healers and were struggling to keep some people alive? And then the gear got a little better (and a nerf happened) and we thought we were hot shit for going to 2 healers?

Both raids 3-healed all of 25-man HEROIC FIRELANDS.

Talk about a serious, “I am not worthy moment.”

Both raids were neck and neck until Rag when some sort of calamity befell Vodka and Rag started picking off raid members one by one. Blood Legion won and after the members of Vodka were standing again, the devs brought in a massively epic Hogger to kill them again. I guess the idea was that as soon as one team dropped Rag, Hogger would spawn on the other side to wipe them out but Vodka sort of wiped on their own.

It was intensely impressive watching both teams move like well-oiled machines through all of these fights. All told, they were done in under an hour. Maybe add another hour for trash, and you have two guilds that can do a full 25-man heroic clear in the same time it takes my guild to do it on normal. Amazing.

The Q&A panels were a bit random. Last year they would present a bit of info and then let the audience loose, this year it was open season from the start. So as random as the questions were, here are the random snippets that caught my attention:

Ghostcrawler hates paladins because his parents were killed by a ret paladin. =D

And… that’s where either I stopped typing or it stopped autosaving.

Really, the most important things about BlizzCon were pandas, monks, and Mike Morhaim’s apology for the Corpsegrinder appearance that wasn’t taken kindly by all.


2 comments on “BlizzCon 2011! Day 2

  1. slice213 says:

    new post where!? :)


  2. […] bashing. It was bad enough that Mike Morhaim apologized for the whole mess. (You saw it here: And while yes, that was undoubtedly a PR nightmare, I don’t think it had that much to do […]


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