Well, poop

There was supposed to be a big post today.

I had the framework all ready to go, just needed to wait for a couple things to process, grab some screen shots, and BAM! I could have published.

But the processing went awry even though I followed the same exact procedure I have followed in the past.

So something changed on their end, not mine.

I am a bit peeved at the moment about the whole situation and am awaiting resolution.

So it looks like you will all have to wait until Monday for the bog post. Assuming this actually gets fixed today.


A watched ticket is never answered.

8 comments on “Well, poop

  1. slice213 says:

    boo! hope they fix it soon!


  2. repgrind says:

    Argh. All this waiting, it is killing me! You’ve had me insanely curious for like a week now. ^.^


  3. tirthedk says:

    I sure can’t wait for the “bog” post either.


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