Bizzarro WoW: Bizzarro just got Bizzarro-er

There hasn’t been a lot coming from my corner of the world lately and I apologize.

Between work being worse than any rep grind I could imagine and things that may or may not happen in the game it’s been hard to take the time to put thought to “paper” – when I even had a coherent thought that I was willing to put down.

So what was all the crap about the event that may or may not be happening in WoW life anyway?

As I’ve mentioned a time or two before, the guild roster at Darkest Hour has been in flux for quite some time.

Some of it was real life interfering. Some of it was people getting burned out. Some of it was people getting frustrated. Some of it was people that just couldn’t stay the hell out of flame waves.

There were a few conspiratorial whispers amongst the officers about what to do.

We considered leaving the guild. But Drak’Tharon doesn’t have a whole lot to offer in terms of guild selection. Hell, we don’t have a lot to offer in terms of population. It’s a newer transfer server (Wrath-era so I guess not so new anymore) so the guilds that remain are all fairly well grouped and not always open to outsiders.

We considered inviting a few friends of one of the officers to join us. They were ready and willing, their current guild and server situation was similar to our own. But again, the server itself isn’t a great environment for continued growth. And it’s horrible if you want to get in to the gem market. Looking at you, members of the Shadow Rising gem cartel. =P Our leadership wasn’t as strong as it had been in the past and we didn’t want to get good people trapped on the server in a dying guild and regretting it.

And before I could stop myself, the words, “well, maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way, maybe instead of bringing them here, we should join them somewhere else” came out of my mouth.

Without batting an eye, the officer I was conversing with started researching servers and guilds. Our only criteria were Horde and non-RP.

Within 20 minutes he was talking to a top-end raiding guild on a highly progressed server and got a recruiter looking at our parses. They were impressed with what we were doing in our current gear and extended an invitation to us. We thought about it and decided that while it would be fucking awesome to be a member of a top 100 guild, as late as it was in the expansion, we just didn’t have the heroic experience to succeed there. We want to go somewhere where we feel like we can contribute and not just be loot sponges, getting drug through farm content for them. We also would like to go somewhere where we actually know someone.

Now I started as Alliance way back when and so did this other officer. Matter of fact, he and his brother PREFER Alliance. I know, I associate with some crazy people.

We started examining whether or not it was imperative that we remain Horde.

In my mind’s eye, Arioch and Selwyn and Kaayn and Jhaelen and Cruorem will always be my stable of blood elf brothers. They all sport the fox tail in a rainbow of colors and alert me in that haughty voice that the ability isn’t ready yet or I am lacking rage or mana.

But ultimately, remaining Horde was a limitation to where we could find a home. Once we came to the conclusion that we could consider going Alliance, it was a simple matter of opening discussions with the guild Tir is in. At least I already have some names saved on that server.

We spent this last week leveling up alt guilds to make use of the new guild transfer service to move all our hoarded materials. We raided Firelands in two groups. I finished up some achievements and quests that I felt were important to complete while I was still under the red and black banner of the Horde.

But after all the bosses were killed and the quest rewards collected, there was little left to do but to do it.

And so…

They are going over first to pave the way while a few others hang back to finish up a few loose ends (must sell moar stuff!) before they come over.

So what does this mean for Arioch of Clearcasting?

Very little. I may add something to my banner in the future, but I’m a little pressed for time (and a bit lazy) and seem to have lost the folder containing all the work I did on my banners and buttons for the interwebz. /sadpanda

I may redo the layout of the site a bit, but again not any time soon. I’ll be busy with work and meshing with my new guildmates.

This does, however, pretty much bring an end to most of the Bizzarro WoW exploits. Most of the bizzarro characters are being replaced with their original twins and will be sent to the Nether to ponder what may have been of a night elf mage specced frost…

I will continue to post here and maybe a little more often now that the drain of putting on a happy face is gone. Be prepared for a bunch of ZOMGIMISSBEINGHORDE and IT’SFUCKINGBLOODLUSTNOTHEROISM posts. Also some general whining about my selection of hairstyles and how much Arcane Torrent being gone fucks up my rotation.

And as I’ve said before, Arioch and his family will always be blood elves in my mind so I see no reason to tamper wildly with the persona I’ve built here.

Besides, maybe I’ll get lucky and the new guild decides to faction transfer!


11 comments on “Bizzarro WoW: Bizzarro just got Bizzarro-er

  1. slice213 says:

    Btw when you are on your alliance you will be looking for the arcane torrent button! trust me!

    Also worgen mages are cool the darkflight ability is nice – combined with blink makes kiting things easy!

    Grats on your, tir and DH’s new home. :)

    Also Bloodlust > Heroism…half he time I have to ask…has herosism been thrown.? It does not have the same ummpphhh

    Also Shadow Rising Conglomerate? I have no idea what you are talking about…’s a myth…you get my drift? If not Mr Zugzuug would like to talk to you,. :P


  2. telanarra says:

    ” I know, I associate with some crazy people.” And yet no mention of me. :( I must be slackin’ on the crazy.


  3. repgrind says:

    Holy crap! I mean, I kind of expected this to be the news but damn, girl. Poor Selwyn didn’t even get to keep his gender. o.O

    I applaud your courage. I totally admit to being a huge softie when it comes to my toons. The only ones I ever fac transferred were level 40 and had been abandoned for a year before I picked them back up. I could never bring myself to alter the ones I’ve put so much time into.

    BTW, when Van chose JC, it was purely because I didn’t have a JC in my Horde stable yet. I didn’t even know about the SR gem cartel! I have definitely had fun learning about AH PvP from those guys though. ^.^

    Slice, you traitor, your mage isn’t even worgen anymore! Although I totally dig the dwarf chick.


  4. zarigar says:

    selwyn as a space goat saddens me


  5. Zug says:

    Can i have your stuff? I’ll invest it all for you so whenever you decide to come back you’ll have more :D

    I take no responsibility for what Shadow Rising has done, is doing, and will do the the AH. The person to talk to is the guild master. Or you could talk to the next one down – raid leader. ;)


  6. Cayle says:

    I’m sorry to see you leave Ari =(.

    I wish you the best of luck on the Alliance side. I’d say don’t get fat…but well that’s not possible when you’re playing the Alliance!


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