Couple more notches on the old belt

So I’ve been on the Alliance side for a week and half or so now.

I remember where things were before Deathwing blew up Stormwind. I tried running into a doorway that used to lead into the only AH in SW.

WTF? There’s got to be a dozen AHs in SW now, why would they remove this one?

They didn’t of course, just expanded the hell out of it and moved the entrance. Nice little upgrades from standing on crates to personal podiums. Jaxon is moving up in the world, it would seem.

I was planning on this move being… almost casual.

The main raid for this guild is a 25-man raid and they were apparently overloaded on mages and healers. My best bet was to come over and just take it easy in the 10-man alt runs. Which in a way, was a nice setup for me as I prefer the 10-man raiding environment. I had an opportunity to kick back, not worry about being an officer, and just enjoy the end of the raiding season before 4.3 drops.

I did get to run a 10-man on Aríoch.

And then IT happened.

This is a guild that puts its money where its mouth is in terms of roster. If you are not performing as well as they would like or if someone can outperform you, you WILL get benched. As such, there is always a bit of churn either from people not playing up to snuff or people offended that they may be required to meet certain levels of performance in order to keep their spots. Add that to the normal cycle of real life pulling people in and out of the game and you’ve got what appears to be a steady roster of about 15-20 people and another 5-10 spots that rotate.

The wheel turned just a tad too far and they were short a healer. Tir asks me to step in for the 25-man raid clean up. Just heroic Domo and normal Rag. Sure, it’s just the raid week clean up.

Well, a new healer didn’t magically spawn with the raid reset the next day and I was asked to come back.

Suddenly, my priest is an Initiate, my mage is an alt (in the roster only, never in my heart), and I’ve healed all of 25-man Firelands, including 5 heroics.

So what are the heroics like from the healer’s perspective?

It’s definitely different for me, but mostly because of the switch in raid size.

I’ve gone from either being primarily focused on the tank and helping on the raid or splitting tank/raid healing duties with a second healer to being 1 of 5-7 healers – one of which is another disc priest. And he’s a bubble whore. Seriously, in a fight with 2 tanks and 2 disc priests, there is no reason why one priest should be trying to keep them both bubbled. And certainly no reason why, if you’re not ACTUALLY going to keep them both bubbled, you should complain about another priest throwing a bubble in every now and again.

Most of the time I’m now on raid heals or “special teams” like soakers on Beth’tilac. I’m not always in a position to Smite as often as I used to, but the spec is still mostly viable.

Heroic Majordomo is probably the easiest. There is a lot more time spent in kitty phase and a lot more damage going out from the orbs. Length of time in scorpion phase is largely tied to the response of the raid leader’s urgent demands to know if Ardent Defender is back up. Spreading and stacking has to be done as a cohesive unit; any lollygagging or lagging brings painful results.

Heroic Shannox wasn’t too bad – if only because this group understands what is meant by, “Get the fuck away from the dog!” Amazing how much easier the fight is to heal when the raid scatters properly far, far away from a trapped Rageface. I was primarily healing the Rageface target here. I will admit, the last target dropped right before we downed the boss. It was a mage, and I can only surmise that with as quickly as he moved out of range there was a Blink involved. By the time I could catch up to him, it was too late.

Rhyolith I had already managed to DPS as a heroic back on Drak’Tharon, this was my first time healing it. The steering team did well and I don’t recall any additional damage until the last phase. That was a lot of damage. The healing neck dropped, even though I wasn’t there on my mage, but I’m a ways down on the totem pole from getting a highly coveted piece like that. So if it isn’t Murphy’s Law working against me, it’s something else. Perhaps a corollary to Murphy’s Law? We can name it, “Selwynne gets to look at, but not touch, the healing necklace Rule.”

Heroic Alysrazor was fun. When I first learned the fight on normal, it was crazy. Not fun, just frustrating. It had looked like a very enjoyable fight in the video and then cold, hard reality kicked in. When we started, people really didn’t get the whole, “you HAVE to interrupt” thing and the other “you HAVE to stay out of tornadoes” thing and with the piddly mana pools we had at the time, it was a wonder we got through keeping so many stupid people alive. As we learned the fight, it got easier, but the fun factor really never showed up. Walking into a group that knows how to do it on heroic made it fun. That said, those little hatchlings hit like a semi-truck.

Beth’tilac was a new heroic for this guild. The first night we gave it a couple shots just to get a feel for the pull and see what everything looked like first hand. We came back the next day and buttoned it up in a few more attempts. I noticed that most strats for 25-man called for multiple healers to go up top, Tir does it on his pally all by himself. Not sure if it’s pallies or Tir that needs to be nerfed. Someone alert Ghostcrawler. Down below, we had a DPS, a soaker, and a healer assigned to each of the 3 spiderling spawn points with the rest of the healers flailing around in the middle. The first couple pulls, I was OOM almost instantly with my soaker just exploding. My group got a different soaker, I found the damage pattern, and we nailed it. Pro-tip – don’t stand in the poison puddle. Seriously.

So we’ll see how this goes. The guild will be demoting all the core raiders at the start of 4.3 so it will be open season for claiming spots. Guess I had better strut my stuff here in the next couple weeks.


5 comments on “Couple more notches on the old belt

  1. slice213 says:

    Grats to the priest main! :)


  2. Tirael says:

    Nerf paladin mana regen and you nerf my healing expotentially…or break fingers.


    • slice213 says:

      It will be interesting to see how the nerf to judgement will affect paladins. Next will be another nerf to rapture. Soon we will be struggling like shaman (resto) :P

      But solo healing up top on 25 man by oneself, impressive. :)


    • Tirael says:

      25 heroic. The judgement “nerf” really isn’t a nerf. It is more of a buff to sustained mana regen (on the ptr I was at nearly 5k regen from spirit) which was why holy radiance mana cost was increased.


  3. Jag says:

    lol @ know how to “Get the fuck away from the dog!”. nice post.


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