And now I can speak from experience

Last night I got to enter Dragon Soul and give it a whirl.

One of our raid members had managed to get saved to the first boss, Morchok.

So we 9-manned it.

And 1-shot it.

Now back in the day when I started raiding, in New Naxx, I don’t even remember what my first kill was, but I certainly don’t remember waltzing in and destroying anything.

Granted, I was also a new raider.

In Ulduar, Flame Leviathon doesn’t count. But Ignis and Razorscale were no laughing matter. Hell, until the nerf, the trash in front of Ignis was pretty brutal.

Trial of the Crusader I entered with no preparation, seeing as how I expected that patch night to be full of hair pulling and failing add ons. We fumbled our way through it, “oh, THAT’S how that works!” and “WTF? Now what?”

For Lord Marrowgar, I had learned my lesson and came prepared. We agonized over strats, watched videos, read anything and everything available. Fat lot of good it did us, we didn’t actually drop him until the first nerf.

Magmaw and Halfus… well, Halfus wasn’t too bad as I recall. But they certainly weren’t pushovers.

Beth’tilac was our first conquest in Firelands. We didn’t struggle greatly, but it was more than one pull.

So when they said at BlizzCon that this raid tier was going to be epic and challenging, I was expecting a bit… more.

Moving on to the pingpong boss, I would like to first state that I am NOT fond of the aerial arrival. I just about shit a brick as I’m hurtling towards the red name in the center of the room.

Oh, Zar, your underappreciated add on is most likely OmniCC. I was a wreck without it. (It has been updated.)

The ball seems to be a bit buggy, sometimes it would seem to pass right through him and we have a sneaking suspicion that pets may be interfering with the proper collision of the void sphere and Zon’ozz. So it took us a few pulls to get it together but not too bad overall.

For the record, Yor’sahj goes much better when he isn’t pulled while still clearing trash. And the trash itself is a mite bit easier when you take them one pack at a time. Atonement healing is pretty cool here. If you’re going to have to suffer through a mana drain, just get your stacks ready to go and pop wings as soon as your bar goes empty. At the very least it’s enough to get a shield on the tank. Just a couple pulls to get the mess sorted out and we were golden.

Hagara’s opening event is highly annoying. And be warned that the rotating ice walls may affect an area larger than the graphic… She dropped my shoulders. I lost them to a roll of a 7. We had some seriously epic rolls last night.


Not my favorite voice acting. Not as bad as Malygos (he didn’t sound very powerful) and not nearly as screechy as Sindragosa, but lacking a little umph. Or maybe it was just everyone in the raid talking over him. There’s a ton of story here and it will be months before I get to hear it all.

So this fight makes use of a BUTTON. A button that is not part of your standard button bar, this isn’t a vehicle fight, you get a new button in the middle of your screen, just below your feet.

Unless you’re using a bar mod.

Then… your button might not be there.

Macro to the rescue!

Make this little guy:

/click ExtraActionButton1

Put it somewhere where you can click it readily but not where you can accidentally hit it and definitely not where you can get clicky-happy with it.

At the beginning of the fight he drags you in to the twilight realm. Your little button (or macro) is what takes you OUT of the twilight realm for about 5 seconds.

There are two times you need this little gem, when Ultradragon casts Hour of Twilight and if you happen to be targeted for Fading Light. (There’s tank swaps and other crap going on, but this is where people were fucking up so it’s what I’m covering.)

Hour of Twilight is a fairly lengthy cast. Healers – you need to have him at least on focus because the current DBM timers are a wee bit off. When the cast is *almost* ready to complete, PUSH THE BUTTON. (Unless you’re the soaking tank, but if you are then I’m sure you know what you’re doing by NOT pushing the button.)

Then, very important, DO NOT DO ANYTHING. Do not cast, do not melee, don’t push the button again, don’t even fucking sneeze. If you perform any action, it may pull you back in to the twilight realm just in time to eat that cast and you will die. End of story.

Fading Twilight targets two people, one of which will be a tank and one will be a random raid member. You get a debuff with a timer. *Just* before the timer goes off (your timing may vary with your comp speed and latency), you need to push the BUTTON. And then just stand there. Or you will die.

You will be returned to the twilight realm without any further action on your part either at the end of 5 seconds or so or when the certain death mechanic you are avoiding has completed, whichever is first. So it’s important to not pop too early.

If you can push a button at the appropriate time you will have this encounter mastered. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Oh, and don’t steal my healing buff. And certainly don’t steal my healing buff and then immediately fail at button pushing. It makes me sad.

So Ultradork dies (bringing our second 10-man to 5/8) and then…

Spoiler! Deathwing destroys the Horde air ship (assuming he destroys the Alliance one if you’re on a Horde character)! That pissed me off. RAWR! HE KILLED MY SHIP!!


*moment of silence*

To retaliate, you troop on to your faction’s ship and start up Lootship 2.0.

Except it might actually be a bit more challenging.

And yes, that is Swayze and Ka’anu Reevs in that screen shot. Request for my Hordies out there, post me a screen shot of your ship please?

We only got a couple pulls, but there is much movement and you actually have to stand in the bad. YOU are shielding the ship with your own flesh. Good times.

On the whole, it was a decent raid evening. Most of the fights felt like we had been there before, even though I’ve only seen the videos once.

This did make the evening pleasantly relaxed, but I think it may bode poorly for the replay value of this patch.


12 comments on “And now I can speak from experience

  1. repgrind says:

    The ship is the same. He kills the Horde ship either way.

    We had people having issues with THE BUTTON as well, but we did manage to down him last night after … well, most of the night. LOL. We, too, got a few pulls on lootship2.0 before the night ended but will need more time on it. Sappers suck.


  2. slice213 says:

    adds are crazy on that fight….but doesnt seem to bad once we get more looks at it



    More seriously, whether or not Blizzard made Cataclysm too difficult is still arguable, but I think Blizzard has decided they did. This patch and the MoP previews both smack of “We’re, sorry, casuals; please come back. I can change, baby.”

    Which is fine by me. I’ve always found raids a little overly intense, and while the harder dungeons were an interesting experiment, I do find I’ve burned out on wipefests a bit.


  4. Erinys says:

    I can’t speak from experience (at least in the sense I haven’t set foot in the Dragon Soul) but I blame a separation between modes. Killing stuff on “normal” in a few pulls takes all the epicness out of wiping on it on heroic mode. Not saying we should return to the days of AQ 40 and sitting around on Princess Hurhuran waiting 20 minutes for shield walls between pulls but just a slight up-tuning. Although when you no longer raid and thus don’t have the repair bills, I guess talk is cheap.


    • Leit says:

      LFR was, as far as I was aware, supposed to represent a version of the raid that everyone could do. The first clue should have been that you only get valour if you finish a wing in LFR. If you’re tying the reward to completion rather than doling it out as you go along then you have to tune it so that the majority of attempts will, y’know, *complete* the content. I don’t know if you’ve tried LFR yet, but it’s tuned to be around as difficult as BH.

      Normal does feel quite easy compared to previous tiers this expansion, but they’re likely trying to avoid the nerf 1 month after release that FL suffered.


  5. […] some others have already pointed out this morning, this fight is mostly on getting the timing right for pushing […]


  6. Darraxus says:

    Someone on my realm downed him last night. Not very epic. Rags took quite some time. Deathwing fell over like a bitch.


  7. zarigar says:

    Hahaha I loved going into ToC and getting stuck on the kobold guy. “I have to dodge fire. And kill kobolds. WTF there are 2 more bosses to this first part?” Good times.


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