Happy 2012!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year celebration.

Just dropping a line to assure people that I am, in fact, still alive.

So what do I plan to do this year? (Prepare for incoming random thoughts!)

I picked up a copy of Diablo II and its expansion over the holiday. It seemed only right that I should learn something about it before doing any comprehensive write ups for the D3 beta – comparing D3 to WoW just won’t always work. I’ve played a little bit of it and will try to get some D3 posts up very soon. (Slap a TM on that “soon,” just like Blizzard.)

Tir put a new CPU cooler in my tower and it is now whisper quiet, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m using the machine I wouldn’t even be able to tell it was on. Of course, while he had the machine apart he started mumbling about solid state drives so I imagine there will be another upgrade for my machine sometime this year. (Thank you, sweetheart!)

As for WoW itself, I’m not too sure what my goals are for this year. I’m not really digging my new WoW home and my interest in my characters has continued to decline since the faction transfer. I’m logging in to raid on my priest mostly… remember this post? Yeah, I spoke too soon. That lasted for all of 2 nights. At the time, we were raiding 3 nights a week – I didn’t even get to complete the week on my mage. I had started a post a few times to talk about it, but none of them ever got finished. (And I swore I had published at least one of those, so that’s why it’s been so long since a post, I thought I had already done one…)

(We are 8/8 in 25s and 7/8 in our alt 10-man. I believe we’ll be starting heroics this week if everyone returns from their vacations/families.)

I would like to increase my presence here at clearcasting; I know I’ve had a bad habit of wandering away from time to time. It’s nothing personal, it just usually means that either work is kicking my ass or I have nothing to report on the gaming front. Or all I would be doing is repeating the same bitching/whining. I’m certainly not adverse to using this space to vent, but I don’t want to sound like a broken record – “Yep, still Alliance. Still raiding on the priest. Still hating it. Come back tomorrow for more of the same.”

A quick peek at my dashboard here and it appears that the 19th will be my 3-year blogiversary. (Did I spell that right? Spellcheck is no use for things like this.) No clue if I’ll be doing anything special for it… let’s see if I can remember to post something sometime that week and call it a win, kk?

For Christmas, Tir got me a drawing tablet and I’ve got access to a couple different versions of Photoshop… I’m not much of an artist, but I do have fits of creativity. I’ve got a little project I’m working on now for an embroidery pattern… but I also have a gabillion other projects floating around the house. Maybe this year I should focus on getting some of them completed. Maybe.

How about you, readers? Any goals in 2012?

WordPress sent me a nifty little thing detailing some of the statistics for my site this year. I would like to congratulate Zarigar on being my most active commenter of 2011 – go spam his blog, errrr… show him some love!


7 comments on “Happy 2012!

  1. repgrind says:

    I don’t know how Zari finds the time to comment … changing mains every other week keeps him pretty busy! ^.^


  2. WoW goals in 2012, eh? Hmm, well, same old, same old, I suppose. Soak up as much lore as possible and satisfy my obsessive completist need to experience as much of the game content as humanly possible.

    Probably gonna try to find a decent guild on my new server. I just completed the first phase of the Shadowmourne chain on my paladin, so maybe I’ll try to finish that — although I don’t know; it’s a lot of work. I would like to finally finish Glory of the Cataclysm Hero. And Defender of a Shattered World, but nobody ever runs Tot4W, so I don’t hold much hope for that.

    In the unlikely event MoP is out before the end of the year, Imma make a monk and heal by kicking people in the face.


    • Leit says:

      There are often Tot4W pugs advertising on my server. They usually go the same way… someone spams for a couple of hours, eventually complains that they’ve been looking for tanks for the past hour, and gets advised that: a) the council needs more co-ordination than a pug can usually muster in content that they overgear, b) council needing 2 tanks and the second only 1 makes tanks leery of the place, and c) tanks hate Al’Akir anyway, so no-one wants to tank it.

      Goals? Petition for moar character slots per server. >.<

      Arioch: would the mage vs. priest issue not resolve when people come back from holiday? I know our roster's been a bit shaky for the past couple of weeks.


  3. telanarra says:

    Maybe said other healers should step up their game!


  4. slice213 says:

    ^ what tel said!


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