Fingers Crossed

Well I tentatively have a new home for the mage!

It looks like I’ll be heading over to Area 52 over the weekend to join a guild that runs multiple 10 mans, the occasional 25, and lots of old content.

The economy is thriving and the AH stocked (ask Tel how his jaw feels (no, this really isn’t something dirty, just ask him)).

It’s an odd feeling. I’m really happy I found what looks like the perfect home for me. But I still want to cry.

Moving from Drak to Lightbringer was a real struggle for me. Giving up the fox tails filled me with regret as soon as I pushed the accept button on the transfer. I bawled.

During my search for a new home, I found a coworker that had a guild on Area 52 with a potential opening. That spot fell through as they lost that raid group to SW:TOR.

But as I kept looking at other servers, it was challenging to find one as lively as Area 52.

My criteria were fairly simple:

It had to be Horde side.

There had to be at least 2 TCG mounts for sale on the AH with a total of at least 20k auctions up on the AH. (This one was so hard to meet I started rolling Ally alts to check to see if I could at least have the opportunity to mule mounts across factions. I seriously started a spreadsheet listing all the US servers with their time zones and started going through all their AHs.)

There had to be a 10-man raiding guild that would take me as an arcane mage.

I didn’t care about their guild level or progression so long as they were setting foot in to DS on a regular basis.

In between running yet another blood elf to Silvermoon and logging off in disgust at the AH (all the while fighting off the urge to just spam Arcane Torrent in glee because it was there), I would return to Area 52 and just hang out with trade chat scrolling by. I’m sure it’s just a fluke, but I haven’t seen an ANAL [SKILL] yet.

I would like to point out that the Looking for Guild tool is ridiculously cumbersome and could use a metric fuckton of improvements.

But I did eventually find a few guilds worth checking out. I armory and forum stalked them and then started laying in wait for officers to log on.

I caught an officer from this guild and very patiently waited for them to wrap up a FL run, which I got to sit in vent for.


Clear vent with a couple friendly jokes, instructions called out clearly, and they even had a pug in there.

An interview later and I’ll be looking to move the mage this weekend.

They actually WANT a mage and are more than willing to let me remain arcane. They would like me to try fire on Lootship 2.0 if they feel arcane just isn’t cutting it.

The GM is a woman – and it looks like their main tank. She tolerates no drama, particularly no “chick drama.”

The recruiting officer is also the raid leader and he’s as big of an achievement/title/mount whore as I am.

Arioch is thrilled at the idea of getting his old body back. It will be nice to not have to listen to him griping about fleas and shedding.

Even more excited is Selwyn, who gets to lose the tail and regain a penis. He was so distraught I don’t think he had the opportunity to enjoy having boobs. Apparently the hooves are a huge upkeep as well.

Eventually Kaayn and Jhaelen will follow, but I may leave Cruorem and reroll him fresh.


Well, Cruorem (or Eolaír as he’s known in his nelf incarnation) isn’t max level and has no marketable skills. He’s the perfect character for me to finish leveling on Lightbringer.

With his reroll, I can relearn how to play a warrior and maybe even do a little tanking with Tir.

I’ll miss a couple of people on Lightbringer, and it’s going to be very weird again to not be raiding with Tir, but I imagine we’ll be spending some quality time together beating down the forces of darkness when D3 is released.

And I JUST redid my banner, damnit.


7 comments on “Fingers Crossed

  1. telanarra says:

    My jaw still hurts. I had forgotten what a proper AH looked like!

    yayy on potential new home!


  2. repgrind says:

    Yay! Hope it all goes well for you. :)


  3. zarigar says:

    what is wrong with Tel’s jaw?


  4. hayfayfay says:

    Grats on the new guild! I gotta say when I moved my toon from Greymane to Korgath almost 2 years ago *boggles* I was kinda nervous about being in a guild with other females as well. I can honestly say, we have ZERO girl drama. Granted, all of our girls minus me have SOs in the guild.. but its nice because there is always a girlie type to chat up here and there.

    Hope it works out for ya :)


  5. Leit says:

    Grats, mon. De spirits be watchin’ ova ya. Da horde ain’t forgotten.

    Hmm, I’m on Lightbringer EU. Do US servers really still do the anal spam? I thought it was a myth until some folks started doing it “ironically” one night.

    Also, wtfjaw…


  6. slice213 says:

    GL on the new home!


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