Back in black!

And red!

Arioch is rocking his fox tail and strutting around Org like he owns the place.

I did have to keep the squiggly letter I in the name (alt+161 for anyone trying to armory stalk me). Some little pipsqueak level 4 draenei warrior has my name…

I swear when I transferred back I spent 20 minutes just flying around Org on a windrider and then running around on my giant scorpion. (The lion mount is pretty, but c’mon – a GIANT FREAKING SCORPION!)

Once I got all of that out of my system, it was time to go make a withdrawal from my void storage. T12 is pretty cool, and I’ve mogged my pieces of T13 to the T12 so I match and don’t look like I’m swaddled in grandma’s quilt, but T9 is where my heart is.

Hello, Mr Void Storage Etheral Guy! I would like to withdraw my awesomesauce T9. You know, the one that used to be in my banner before the computer maliciously ate all those banner files. (/sob)




Hello, Mr Nice Blizzard Customer Service Rep reading my ticket, HELP ME PLEASE!

I was sharing my plight in vent with my new guild and it just so happens that one member was chatting with a GM about something else. He mentioned it to the GM and the GM went and found my ticket.

Apparently it takes about 72 hours for void storage to transfer.

Phew! These people had no idea how close to a nuclear meltdown I was about to have.

But it all eventually showed up and I was able to snag my T9 and my Frostscythe.

Not really a fan of the bloodshot eye tabard, but I only have to wear it until I’m exalted. And yes, I kept the matching belt for this purpose.

I got all my argent tourney stuff back – I do not have to redo those quests and reputation grinds.

And I remembered the ONE screenshot I wanted to take on the Alliance side but didn’t because I am fail. I have the Venomhide Ravasaur and it was converted to the Wintersaber mount… and I forgot to get a picture of it.

Because of the way my race transfer worked, I ended up with all the basic faction mounts, even though I’m still not exalted with the goblins. Score!

Tir transferred his priest so we can still raid together.

Raiding with the new guild is… casual. Like, they didn’t know about World of Logs until I asked them if they parsed raids last night.

Our first night I was in the second raid team and we got to Ultraxion. Things got messy there with a couple people not getting the big BUTTON or the BUTTON disappearing on them when they swapped specs… we eventually just called it.

But after that, we ran right in to old content. I was racking up BC raid achievements, reputation, and even patterns.

A couple days later we hit up ICC 25 to collect achievements. I’m now far closer to a drake on my mage than I would have been in about a year if I had stayed on Lightbringer.

I actually care about playing again. I’m running around fishing for the guild, finishing up Guardians of Hyjal rep (guess who couldn’t buy an arcanum for his new helm…), and I even opened up the Molten Front dailies.

Last night we did DS 10 again with a different raid comp and got to Spine. This is progression for this guild, they’ve only dropped Blackhorn once before. They were really excited and it was fun to be a part of that.

All of this but I still haven’t run the third new dungeon yet.

I’m a slacker.

But a much happier blood elf mage slacker.

5 comments on “Back in black!

  1. telanarra says:


    Scorpion Mount > Lion Mount 7 days a week and twice on Sunday


  2. repgrind says:

    Yay! so glad you’re enjoying yourself again.


  3. […] I had transferred to an Alliance guild and was hating it so posted a reverse-recruitment. Although the post didn’t pan out in finding me a new home, a networking tool at work found me a guy in a guild that turned out to not be recruiting, but put me on the server that I now call home. […]


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