“A” cups try harder

Just because I can, more boob talk.

Has everyone heard the expression that smaller breasts try harder?

I tried to find a relevant movie quote or something to help illustrate for people that might be unfamiliar with the line, but if I clicked any of the links that came up I would need to boil my computer in bleach.

The basic premise is that when a well-endowed woman walks into a room, all the interested parties are immediately drawn to her bustline. In order to garner as much attention, a woman with a slimmer chest silhouette usually has to wear something a little tighter, flashier, lower cut, or even follow the increasing trend of nipple augmentation (nipple prosthetics – not just for cancer patients anymore!).

And I can tie this in to raiding. And, since I was listed over at A High Latency Life as a member of Riv’s Honor Roll, I’ll even throw in a few gratuitous boob shots as my way of saying thank you. (Mostly SFW)

I left a guild that was 1/8 heroic 25 Dragon Soul and joined a guild that was 6/8 normal on 10.

Besides the difference in progression, there is a difference in mentality between the better raiders of the more elite guild and the best my new guild has to offer.

So on to the explanation through cup sizes!

The Double-D Raiders

These are the raiders that walk in to the instance and own it without trying. Rotations roll flawlessly from their fingers and they assume their position at the top of the meters unchallenged. They aren’t doing anything special, they’re just doing what comes naturally to them. Downing the boss is a foregone conclusion, it’s just how easy they make it look.

Sure, they might spend some time on class forums or talk with others to compare notes, but these people tend to have an almost inhuman innate understanding of how to eke out the most damage with the least amount of effort. Their efficiency makes their play appear effortless. We had a lot of these in my previous guild.

The E+ Raiders

Some raiders aren’t satisfied with what they’ve got, however, and will pad the metaphorical bra and the meters. These are those assholes that know the mechanics but don’t care. As the busty belle of the ball, target swaps and movement are below them.

And like a bra that isn’t big enough, they aren’t doing their job. This isn’t sexy and it doesn’t help the raid.

You’ll get attention alright, but not the right kind of attention. And unfortunately, we had several of these in my previous guild.

But way on the other side of the spectrum, we have:

The A Cup Raiders

Not the biggest chest, but certainly attention grabbing. They are right there, in your face, trying to be noticed.

Whereas a DD or E+ Raider might pre-pot to increase his or her chances of getting ranked, an A Raider HAS to pre-pot to contribute every spec of output to help swing the uncertain outcome of the encounter. Winning or losing for these groups really is just a matter of a couple hundred more damage/healing/avoidance. The raid leader hands out stacks of potions just to make sure they’ve got the best chance of downing the encounter. Food buffs aren’t a luxury, they are a necessity.

(Now this isn’t to say that there aren’t raiders of all shapes and sizes that don’t sometimes just throw on the baggy sweatshirt and phone it in, but for the sake of simplicity we’re talking about raiders that at least appear to put in effort.)

So when a pull gets borked with my new guild and pre-potting doesn’t happen correctly, no one is upset that their personal DPS will suffer because of it. Everyone is concerned that the raid is losing out on that additional damage. And when there is a wipe at 1 or 2%, we wonder if that would have made the difference.

Kills seem to mean more to the A raiders. When I did the first 4 in DS with my Alliance guild, no one even thought about kill shots for the website. When we get a kill in the new guild it’s a major victory.

Unfortunately for my new guild, they seem to think that with enough times of throwing themselves against the raid wall they’ll be moving on to heroics in short order. I could be wrong, and I hope that I am, but I’m not expecting them to be bringing home the blue ribbon in that wet T-shirt contest any time soon.

6 comments on ““A” cups try harder

  1. River says:

    If I had a deans list this post alone would of put you on it, but I’m tittalated by this post and look forward to hearing more adventures of you and your new guild


  2. hayfayfay says:

    This is amazing. Sharing with my guild and RT’ing.


  3. sorak says:

    Personally I would take an A cup over double E cup anyday. That would apply to your analogy about raiders too!

    As long as people have the right attitude then there’s always room to improve their game play.

    I would much rather raid with someone interested in teamwork over someone interested in their own numbers.


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