Settled in Again

Well, I just about have all my toons sorted back out on the Horde side.

Mage transferred?


Priest transferred?


Bank alt made?


Bank alt leveled to 20 so we don’t have to run everywhere on foot?

Work in progress at level 13.

Paladin transferred?


Paladin churning out glyphs?

Not quite. Need to take stock of current ink inventory. The glyph market does seem to be a little more stable than on Lightbringer though. I’ve started getting a few up on the AH.

Death Knight transferred?


DK’s abilities sorted out?

Check. I didn’t even bother doing this when he was Alliance, but now that I’m back to Horde it’s taken care of. Note to self – take more random screen shots. I had to go back through my pics to last June to find one that showed his action bars. And I can’t even find one of Selwyn in combat to show my healing UI.

Warrior transferred?

Nope, and won’t be. I’m leaving him put on Lightbringer and re-rolling. Like most of my characters, the name was taken so had to tweak it a tad. I’m going to level prot because I suffer from brain damage.

Tangent: BoA crap is OP. I sent him the axe and chest (with a +3 stat enchant). I went from doing about 15-20 DPS to an average of almost 40 with spikes up to 60 or more at level 10. I’m 1-shotting mobs my own level. This ain’t right. Not that I’m actually going to stop using the gear, I just wanted to point out that it’s OP. And after I fill in the other slots, it will only get worse/better.

Rogue transferred or rolled?

Went with a reroll. He’s ready to go, just hasn’t entered the world yet. And yes, I went with yet *another* male blood elf (I still had an open hair color!)… but I’m suddenly intrigued in more than just having a “lock box collecting bitch for Arioch.” I’m *twitch* actually sort of interested in figuring out how to rogue. *twitch* So I felt it would only be appropriate to name him in honor of another rogue I know, but since that name was stolen I got clever and Enivroc was born. We’ll see how long this lasts. Maybe I should do a poll for how long it takes to get him to milestone levels. *twitch*

Chat panes set up on all characters?

Negative. I had it set up on a couple… then tried to copy settings from one character to another… and fubarred the whole mess. Like, entire settings undid and went wonky – including on the characters that I had just perfect.

Profanity filter fixed?

Fuck no. It was fine when I transferred to Lightbringer but somewhere between there and Area 52 Blizzard has decided to nanny my chat panes. Rumor has it they will resolve this in 4.3.2. &!@# you, Blizzard.


Tel helped me get most of my random toons in to my own bank guild. It’s a level 2 guild that I transferred from Drak to LB and now to Area 52.

I started questing and leveling and just doing what warriors do when I noticed that 2 things weren’t happening: my personal reputation with the guild was not increasing and my guild experience was not budging.

I am most definitely no where near the cap for either personal contribution or weekly guild experience cap. I think my DK (also the GM) did a quest and the guild XP went up, but none of my other characters seem to be able to get any credit.

Am I missing something? Do we have to be wearing a guild tabard or something stupid? Do they have to be in the guild for X amount of time before they count?


6 comments on “Settled in Again

  1. Sephrenya says:

    Download this add-on and you will be able to see all curses again without waiting for the patch …

    Good luck with all the transfers/alts and stuff.


  2. ambient says:

    It’s because your DK is level capped and the others are new. They implemented it oddly due to the guild system rolling out between expansions. Existing Wrath characters were starting from scratch, so the Cata quests rocket your personal rep and the guild’s experience. (A guild’s “top weekly contributors” are always the new high-level toons, not the well-established ones.) But they didn’t want people cheesing the guild leveling system by rerolling lots of lowbies, so those toons essentially can’t budge the guild. 40 levels with an epic guild tabard and my baby warrior has a whopping 185 guild rep.

    Bottom line: Leveling a bank alt guild is nearly impossible. Your choices are get to 80 or live without the extra bank tab!


  3. Leit says:

    Yeah, it’s a mission building up a low-lvl guild.

    I just decided to delete my rogue and replace him with a druid this week. Sadly, playing one the fun way takes a lot more time than I want to spend on a single capped toon.


  4. SirFWALGMan says:

    Just buy one. I got a lvl20 cheap. Plenty of people want to sell higher level guilds.


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