What’s New – Arioch Edition

So now that my happy little family of brothers is settled in to their new home, what are they up to?

Arioch… is doing *gasp* dailies again.

I think the last time I was doing dailies was back in the tourney days, trying to get my pets and mounts. (Which reminds me, I’m not finished up there.)

Finally, I opened up the Molten Front dailies. In another couple days I’ll be able to recruit my first choice. I think I’m going with the druids; it was recommended to go that route to get a head start on some of the random achievements.

I also pick up the jousting daily and will have my little pet in another few days.

I’ve even made a return to Northrend to work on my Frenzyheart dailies. I’ll pick up tourney again at some point. But I didn’t realize that there was a transformation item available from the little furry vendor there! So I pick up the disgusting jar and do the dailies. Then in 3 days, when I’m sorely disappointed, I return to get another jar and do the dailies. (I’m practicing for the Oracles and that damn green drake.) I’m still missing one of the dailies to get the achievement for doing all their chores. Hopefully by the time I’m exalted I’ll have both the item and the achievement. Then on to the big tongues.

I’ve even headed out to Tol Barad to work on those dailies and hope for a fox kit while I’m there. They have pets and mounts…

If I hit all those, and the island is available on TB, then I’m done (I also toss in the cooking daily for giggles). But if that doesn’t take me to full, then it’s off to Twilight Highlands to fill out the day with Dragonmaw dailies. I’m exalted, but not 999 exalted and so you know what that means – I’m not done yet! (Actually, I am done now, but I wasn’t earlier when I wrote this. Now I need to decide on dailies to fill this slot.)

The dailies aren’t really loads of fun, and if I wasn’t doing this on a mage I would probably shoot myself, but it’s nice to be enjoying being in the game again.

I even was able to tie up enough loose ends to snag this the other day:

Granted, with the addition of all the Cataclysm stuff that was a lot easier than it was when we first started trekking towards it… but it still felt good.

Raiding wise… I’m not really sure what’s going on.

I was asked to be in the Friday/Saturday group. And for the first week I was.

But then they went, “Oh! She’s, like, decent DPS! Move her to the Tuesday/Wednesday group!” And for the second week I was.

So I log on Tuesday night, unsure of what I’m doing. I’m back in the Friday/Saturday group and their “first group” didn’t have the DPS to down Ultraxion. (Their #1 DPS – a ret pally – decided to stop raiding. I don’t blame him, between the two of us we were 50-70 percent of the damage on some fights and he was generally stomping me.)

We’ll see where I am next week.

15 comments on “What’s New – Arioch Edition

  1. Leit says:

    Lot of folks who mained pallies seemed more than chuffed to go off and become Jedi, it seems. Also: ret pallies are pretty awesome in DS.

    Druids will do your head in. Honestly, unless the achievements are really important to you, you’re likely to regret going with them when you see how much quicker and simpler the Guardian dailies are. (I unlocked everything on 3 toons and am in at varying degrees on 3 more. YMMV, but so far the druids have been more nuisance on every one.)

    City cooking/fishing dailies? There’s an achievement per city for doing them all.

    Green drake seems to pop up in the dungeon bags, so if LFD hasn’t yet destroyed your will to live, that’s an option.


    • Leit says:

      The hippogryph is soooo shiny. I use it on my pally as his “personal” mount, and I have it bound on my priest because most other mounts that he has won’t allow him to go through a door while mounted…

      Ah… guess I’m just projecting with the pally thing then. Lost my healing partner to TOR. You get guys like that that don’t really talk much and just get on with the job. The strong silent type… *swoon*

      WTB archaeology daily. Anything to get the marker moving again. Well, anything short of actually doing archaeology.

      The real problem with dungeon bags is queueing alone. The big problem with queueing alone is getting lizardmen from borogravia who think that moving from fire isn’t part of their role. Luckily *they* queued with their equally scaly brethren, and the collective will boot at any sign of the healer/tank not performing their role… ie, compensating for every single mechanic in the dungeon.


  2. repgrind says:

    Pally4Lyfe! Screw star wars. :p

    Grats on the 9k! My poor abandoned mage is the closest one I have to that …


  3. I seem to be alone in this, but I thought the Molten Front dailies were incredibly fun, and certainly light years better than that soul-crushing Tournament.

    I’d definitely go with the Druids of the Talon first. Their dailies take more time and effort, but they’re also among the most fun, unique, and clever quests ever put in WoW.

    The Shadow Wardens, by comparison, are rather ordinary and dull. I ran them long enough to get the achievements for my title, but then went back to the Druids.


    • Leit says:

      The problem that I had with the Talon was that, while their quests are in fact more interesting than the Wardens, any quest loses its luster once you run it a few times over.* At that point I’d rather take the relatively painless faster option. Also, that glyph quest you get every day was actually pretty fun after the first frustrating day where I tried to fight everything and didn’t realise you didn’t have to swim across to the little island.

      * except Gnomebliteration.


  4. tirthedk says:

    Tourney dailies suck? How about Sha’tari Skyguard or Netherwing? No I am not talking about post-BC rep grinding them, I am talking about BC grinding them. Or how about Ogri’la? I mean, it took me no less than THREE (3) months to get exalted on my warrior with Sha’tari Skyguard. That was doing them every day (7 days a week). Now you get a rep bonus when doing them from guild. Tourney dailies were way better than that, but since the BC Exalted rep grinds killed my soul (along with the Vanilla grinds before dailies existed, which crushed it into a tiny child huddle in the corner.) By the time Tourney dailies were around, I didn’t have a soul and just did dailies because of the easy gold. On two toons..

    However, the Molten Front dailies (similar to IQD) where very fun and I am glad they used more of the phasing with them, so it opened like a story book, each quest being like a page that was turned to a new scene. That is what made them pretty awesome, imo.

    On a side, Arioch and I have been talking about me making a post, which I will probably write up for Monday, that talks about some recent goings on in WoW and its community, since we have different viewpoints (based on my Vanilla-Current xp in WoW versus here late BC/Early Wrath-Current xp) that she MIGHT let be a guest post. I just have to be nice to her this weekend.


    • I never bothered with Skyguard or Ogri’la. I did do the Netherwing dailies. Those were a bit of a harsh grind, but still infinitely preferable to the Tournament. The eggs gave it some nice RNG unpredictability, the booterang was fun, and best of all, it didn’t involve jousting.

      Plus, the plight of the Netherwing flight (ha, rhyming) was a more interesting story than Tirion holding a renaissance fair at the North Pole for no clear reason.


    • Leit says:

      The Argent Tournament is good for one thing… the last bit of xp toward lvl 80. The intro quests have a good effort/reward ratio, the tutorial things are easy once you have the basic idea, and it’s not too out of the way if you’re in Icecrown or Storm Peaks.

      My other pally – I have two, pally pride! – uses the sunreaver dragonhawk as his mount. I ground that thing out in the early days of Cata. By which I mean the early weeks of cata. It’s been changed so that each of the daily reward bags contains a token now, but doing the quests over and over and over until you can actually buy the good stuff still takes literally months. Or it did for that toon, anyway.

      Then again, the Tournament has one thing that the Front does not… an actual reason to go back. The tourney had a pet and two mounts per faction, plus the sunreaver mounts, plus the argent mounts, plus the prettiest pony if you’re a pally. It’d take forever, but those are worth grinding out for some folks. The Front, on the other hand, has one (admittedly very pretty) mount and a single pet.


    • repgrind says:

      Two pallies, eh? Well, you’re getting there. ;)

      There’s another thing the Tourney has that the Front does not … Tirion. .<


    • repgrind says:

      Hmm … it ate half my comment. That was supposed to be a heart after Tirion, followed by

      ‘There, that should bring out the haters. >.<'


    • Leit says:

      Thought it was a >: emote with a missing eye. Which would have been perfectly understandable, really. Looks like the comment system assumes anything after a left angle is a scripting attempt and murders it viciously. Wow Insider tends to do the same.

      Yes, after ret was fixed in 4.2’ish, I actually played a second paladin to cap just so that I could l2dps. Original is still prot.


    • Leit says:

      Or wait, it decided that the opening of the heart and the opening of the emote were the open and close of a tag, tried to render it, decided it wasn’t valid and discarded it. Gah. That explains the remaining characters much better.

      WTB comment edit, PST.


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