Not quite WoW related

No, I’m not jumping ship to go swing a lightsaber.

But I’m toying with an idea.

Oh, and I have a D3 update, let’s do that first.

So there is expected to be a D3 beta character wipe next week. I’ll be starting over from scratch so this time I can take some notes and whatnot on the play experience to pass on to you guys.

Oh, look a squirrel!

And back to my idea…

I have a story floating about in my head.

It’s been there for at least a year now, probably pushing 2 years.

I’ve got a page of random scribbles for the story, most of which contradict each other.

If I decide to become brave and put some serious effort into this wisp of a plot bouncing in my brain, should I do it now or should I wait to participate in NaNoWriMo?

Specifically, do I have readers that have done the NaNoWriMo marathon?

I’m worried about being able to meet any goals I set for myself about writing, and NaNo would take care of that.

The story has been simmering for quite some time and has recently began to heat up. Would I gain more by attempting to bring it to life now or continue to let it mature until November?

NaNo sounds like a lot of fun… would anyone else be willing to sign up with me if I do it?

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5 comments on “Not quite WoW related

  1. Morrigu says:

    I’ve thought about doing it for a few years now. I have a few ideas and have tried writing them into a story before but the problem I have is I get horribly embarrassed about what I’ve written, and the idea of letting people read it scares the hell out of me! I guess I need to grow a pair :)


  2. I’m afraid to do NaNoWriMo. I’m lucky to finish a chapter in a month. Trying to do a whole novel would just end with someone finding my broken corpse splayed across the keyboard.


  3. […] toyed with the idea back in January, was planning on doing some preparation, and sort of forgot that November starts after […]


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