An offer I couldn’t refuse

It must be a sign that *someone* thinks I have decent traffic to this site when this sort of thing happens.

I found a generous offer in my email box last week.

It reads:

Hi ,

I created a Teaching Degree site called [].
It serves as a great resource for new students looking to find all the
info they need on getting a Master’s Degree in Teaching.

Would you be interested in accepting a guestpost from me on your page
of ?
I will be happy to write an article about any topic that you would
like.  It will only be used on your website.

I would put my link at the bottom of the article so that regular
readers of your site who enjoyed my article might follow the link back to my
site and find it informative as well.

I would certainly appreciate any opportunity to write an article.
Feel free to suggest an idea, or if you prefer I can just come up with one.

Thanks for your time!

At first, I was skeptical. I mean, who could possibly write with the same vim, vigor, and vulgarity that you, my lovely readers, have come to expect of this little corner of the interwebz?

But you never know a person’s true strengths if you don’t give them an opportunity to grow.

And it had just so happened that this search had been done to find my blog:

I generally interpret search results as requests.

I mean, someone took the time and trouble to type that in a search engine, there must be a market!

And if there’s a market, someone should attempt to satisfy that audience.

Why not me?

Or better yet, why not this mysterious “Lori” that seemed so keen on providing me aid.

And so, with topic in mind, I replied to Lori.

Well your offer certainly came at an opportune time. I have just received a request from a reader for a “night elf and worgen erotica.” I don’t have the time at the moment to give this topic the attention it deserves. If you feel you can meet the standards my readers have come to expect – particularly in the realm of erotica – feel free to submit a draft to me for my perusal prior to publication. For an example of what they are looking for, please review this post at my sister site:  Any posts or comments made without my review and approval will be deleted.


Fair warning, if you click that link you may be disturbed.

Hmmm… was that warning really fair since I gave it after the fact?

Anyway, I have yet to hear back from Lori.

I can’t leave this request unsatisfied, I have a reader with NEEDS, damnit!

And so I open this up to you.

That’s right, either post here in the comments or email me at suprbrat (at) gmail (dot) com with your best worgen on night elf action. And have them in by February 7th.

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll call someone a winner, and maybe even devise a prize for them.


6 comments on “An offer I couldn’t refuse

  1. repgrind says:

    awwww, I was hoping for belf on troll :(


  2. zarigar says:

    that link was incredibly filthy

    I read it twice.


  3. *Obligatory “rogues do it from behind” joke.*


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