The Banner Saga

No, nothing to do with Bruce Banner, rather the saga of clearcasting’s banner.

Once upon a time, I made a banner for this blog.

I don’t even remember what the first banner looked like. I think it just said “clearcasting” with the stock photo of a moon that came with the blog theme I had picked.

Inspired by watching all the cool machinima out there, I learned a bit about the WoW Model Viewer and went to work.

Wrath was in full swing.

Arioch was my undisputed main.

I was enamored with T9.

The banner of Arioch performing his idle “looking around” animation was born.

And it was good.

For about a year and a half, maybe longer, Arioch kept watch over the site, looking both ways before standing perfectly still.

And then came my little foray in to the Alliance world.

I wasn’t happy about it. Maybe if I came up with a cool banner I would be happier.

And so the banner with Arioch morphing in to his worgen Bizzarro counterpart and back again was born.

I was pretty happy with it until Photoshop decided to slow the animation down to ridiculous speeds. (No, that isn’t your system being slow, it really is the banner.)

It’s an awesome banner, but it’s no longer particularly relevant to my character.

Seemingly unrelated tangent:

Yesterday, I posted about getting the design for my Horde-inspired My Little Pony shirt up and running. And since the folder containing all the original files for the work was gone, I had to go and find all the source material again.

(That folder also contained the original Arioch banner files, which is why I’m not just reverting to that banner.)

While searching for a good Horde insignia image to use, I stumbled across a comment on a forum that someone had converted all the various Horde logos into brushes for Photoshop.

What is that? I don’t even.

I continued along my merry little way and didn’t think much of it.

Tying the tangent in to the main story:

I have a bad habit of leaving browser windows open when perusing the interwebz. Like, a lot of windows. Not uncommon to see 30 or more tabs open.

So after I got my shirt design loaded, I turned to the laborious task of figuring out which tabs contained items I was done with and which needed a little more attention.

That forum post about brushes caught my eye.

What the hell, I’m curious.

So I followed their link and discovered a whole new world.


Why did no one tell me about brushes before?!?!?!?!

After downloading about two dozen brush packs, the creative bug bit again.

This time, I want to do a banner that shows off more of my belf stable and expresses a little bit about each of them.

Over the next few days (weeks, months, however long it takes) I’ll be showcasing bits and pieces of what I’m developing.

First up is the first pass of the title screen.

What do you think?


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