Might be on to something

So the other day I uploaded a post here but I accidentally published it immediately.

Normally, I write them the day or two before and schedule the post to go out the next available morning, bright and early.


But I discovered something about directly publishing a post instead of scheduling one:

WordPress attempts to suggest tags for the post.

Yes, after it’s already published, because suggesting them BEFORE publication would be useful. Can’t have any of that around here.

I don’t recall which post it was, but these were the suggested tags:

Wow, does wordpress know me or do they know me?

About the same time, I peeked at my top searches. Always curious to see how people are finding me.

I still don’t have a blazing hippogryph. /cry

But I do have something that might constitute “perverted male bloodelf picture.”

What astounds me is that there were FOUR searches worded identically. Seriously, perverted people, it’s “blood elf” not “bloodelf.” You might find more smut with the proper terms. (And total tangent, but my little stable has expanded. I should really revisit that image and update it to include all the new guys. Of course, the original files went *poof* so I’ll have to do it all over again.)

And speaking of smut, don’t forget I am still running a contest!

There has been a request for troll on belf and I would hate to see anyone’s creativity squished, nor do I wish to appear racist, so send in anything!


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