And next up

we have Kaayn!

So with Cruorem’s banner I was just playing and went, “hey, I should slap a character on this!”

With Kaayn’s I had a little more forethought and planning involved.

He’s currently specced unholy.

I have a frost spec that I’m even worse at, if that’s possible.

I *really*miss the days of blood DPS.

But since those personal glory days of blood are gone, I wanted to showcase his unholy side with a dash of the frosty.

I knew the focus of the backdrop would be green in various unhealthy shades with shapes of wet, spattery, slimy, and just generally icky ichor. Toss in a few blood spatters and I was happy.

When my test audience responded with, “that looks like shit,” I was pretty sure I had nailed it.

There was a similar problem to Cruorem’s shield with this PNG. The body of the sword was barely visible and the shoulders lost a considerable amount of substance.

Of course, failing to learn from past mistakes, I had already moved the character around quite a bit in the viewer and just couldn’t be buggered to get the pose lined up just right and drop in copies of the sword and shoulders.

Instead, I added a layer of gray underneath to give it back some color and depth and just erased everything that showed that didn’t need to be there.

And so here we have Kaayn in his starter greens. Don’t you think the glow brings out his eyes?

10 comments on “And next up

  1. telanarra says:

    I don’t like the background :)


  2. tirthedk says:

    It still looks like shit.


  3. telanarra says:

    You could but their opinions would be wrong and not really matter :)


  4. zarigar says:

    Kaayn vs a jell-o mold!


    • Arioch says:

      I’m pretty sure Zar isn’t color blind…

      You’re all just a bunch of haters. =P

      *I* like it and that’s the important thing.

      Besides, some completely random stranger favorited it on my Deviant Art account. And that has to mean something, right?


  5. Leit says:

    The background’s a rather nice composition that reminds me of the original Fallout series’ super-mutanys and ghouls.

    Personally, I don’t like the text. That glow is all wrong.

    (yeah, hater, i know)


    • Arioch says:

      I was kinda stuck on the glow. Green didn’t pop, red was blah, yellow was bad, this whitish-blue is at least reminiscent of frost… if you can suggest something else I’m more than willing to try it out.


  6. […] We’ve peeked at Cruorem and Kaayn. […]


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