I bring shame

To hunters everywhere.

The guild did really well on Tuesday night.

Group 1 raids Tuesday and Wednesday (and used to bleed over in to Thursday) and generally flounders around quite a bit. After being bounced back and forth a few times, I landed in this group on my priest.

Most nights we go in, kill Morchok, kill Yor’sahj, beat our heads on Zon’ozz, call a break, kill Hagara, spend the rest of the night wiping on Ultraxion. Maybeeeee we’ll see boat/spine the second night. I think we poked at Madness once or twice before the nerf.

So needless to say, I generally don’t have high expectations when entering DS on Tuesday nights.

But that 5% nerf seems to have been just the ticket.

There was one or two wipes on Zon’ozz, which had me very nervous, and a couple pieces of silliness on the boat, but everything else, including Madness, was one shot.

Hot damn.

I got to upgrade my necklace from the LFR to the “big kid” version. Loot’s been kind of lean for me lately so that was a nice touch. (Not so much that I’m not winning rolls (although that’s a HUGE part when something does drop), but either nothing is dropping or it’s the pieces I don’t need.)

There’s a mage in there that I gave some advice to the other week. He’s now gone from 38k on Madness to 46k. Yikes. I’m not even sure I can do that much. I should look in to that…

What does this have to do with piling disgrace on a class that’s already been shamed 10 feet under?

A full clear on Tuesday left me with an open schedule on Wednesday.

I’ve been doing a couple of the Love is in the Air dailies on most of my toons to get the practically free XP and my bank alt is no different.

At the very least, she needs to be level 20 so I can knock off all this stupid running around on foot bullshit.

She’s been sitting on a very full blue bar for a bit so I decided to take her out for a spin.

We went from level 13 to 16 before I ran out of rest. No heirlooms, just the Fast Track level 2 guild bonus.

Gah, where to start?

One mob? A mile away from me?

No problem.

More than one mob? A mile away from me?

Eeeeeeee….. we manage.

Any mobs on top of me?

*flail wildly*

I can just hear her in her little prissy voice, “Ewwwwwww!!!!! Get it off me, get it off! I don’t like it here! I think I chipped a nail! It’s icky and gloomy out here! Why did you take me out of the city! Ewwwwww! There’s another nasty spider over there! I want to go home!”

At which point she throws her bow on the ground and stamps her little foot.

I got another talent point at 15 and dropped it in to finish off the ranged haste talent.

I can’t even tell you what spec I am. The third one. The one with the ranged haste and Improved Serpent Sting in the first tier.

I would have put the point in Improved Serpent Sting, but I never use it. Explosive Shot is so much more… explosive. And it is front-load damage.

This just reinforces that I should never play a DoT class, I don’t have the patience and I start panicking as my hunter starts flailing her little stick arms about (how do you draw that bow without them snapping like twigs?) and the mob is running right for me with my dragonhawk nipping at its ankles and where is my disengage button (which I’m terrified to use for fear of landing right in another mob) and I really sort of suck at this.

This is probably the 3rd or 4th hunter I’ve rolled, but the first in Cataclysm. I was never terribly good at them before, but now it just seems worse.

After I get over my trauma I agree with myself (no small feat there) that I should just set the hunter aside as soon as she’s level 20. No need to put myself or any party members through hell.

And then some hunter stands next to me at the AH (hey, this is MY deserted city! bugger off!) and has to flaunt his fox pet.

And so the cycle begins anew.

Maybe I can learn to play the hunter, just long enough to get a cute little fox to dance around in the AH…

Maybe I can just get her to 20 until MoP and then see how it is…

Maybe I’ll sprout wings and fly…

14 comments on “I bring shame

  1. telanarra says:

    you would think a carnivore like you would be a better hunter :)


  2. zarigar says:

    The last time I played a hunter you had to feed your pet certain food or else they got a frowny face or something. So you are already ahead of me.


    • Arioch says:

      No more food and frowny faces! I do have a feed pet ability, but I think that’s only if it’s hurt. But I also have mend pet. But I know they took away pet happiness so I’m just going to starve it until it leaves and then I can tame something new. Because I don’t really know how pet taming changed. Do I have to stable the first one before I do it? So confusing.


    • Leit says:

      …yeesh. How taming works, cliff notes:
      – You have x number of on-character pet slots that you can call at any time. This increases as you level.
      – You need one free on-character pet slot in order to tame anything.
      – To tame, first dismiss your active pet, then aggro and start taming.
      – You’re below lvl 20, so you probably have to stable your pet anyway. Aren’t you glad you wasted time reading the first 2 points?
      – A dragonhawk is a bloody terrible levelling pet.
      – Have Group Will Travel will get you to Redridge if you have a friendly guildie, but keep in mind that you still need to make sure there are foxes available at your level or below it. Nothing worse than getting there and needing to grind 2 levels out of nowhere. Especially in a non-friendly zone.
      – Jormungar = best pet evar.

      Also, you’re a Survival hunter.


    • telanarra says:

      “- Jormungar = best pet evar.” Um everyone knows sporebats are the best pet. Also she is not a survival hunter that would imply she can survive something :)


    • Arioch says:

      Hey! I think I’ve only died once. And she’s up to level 19 now with all the holiday XP. Think I’ll be 20 today or tomorrow.

      Leit, thank you. I think I have too much “old hunter” stuff in my head and I didn’t keep up on the changes (ya know, since I never play a hunter).

      I have something I need to train about a second call pet. I should look in to that and then see if I can train a pet that’s less stupid. I swear this dragonhawk just flaps around looking for things to aggro.


  3. Arioch says:

    Huh, and apparently I didn’t have an aspect on that whole time. Oops.


  4. Darraxus says:

    You can pick up a fox easily in Redridge, and there is I believe a rare blue looking fox in Loch Modan.


  5. Morrigu says:

    My first main back in Vanilla was a hunter and I took her all the way through MC and BWL before switching to my priest. I recently dusted her off and got her to 82, but it took me a while to know what the hell I was doing. II mean focus, where did THAT come from?! :P


  6. tirthedk says:

    Post title and subtitle are inaccurate. It should read:

    “I Bring Shame (subtitle) To Every Class Except Mage/Priest”


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