Farming for Fashion

In case you’ve missed it somehow, all of Azeroth is atwitter with the Love is in the Air event. Thankfully, I’ve taken care of the achievements in previous years on Arioch and even somehow/somewhen did the initial quests on Selwyn. Last year I was even so lucky as to get the oozleing pet on Arioch to go with the Peddlefeet from the prior year.

The event has received a massive overhaul and removed MUCH of the RNG. Yes, the Love Rocket mount, the oozeling pet, and the gas mask are still random drops. (Rumor has it that the mask cannot be used for transmog. Confirm/deny?) But there are several items that can now be purchased with the tokens.

And like all the other holiday events, we are now able to run it once a day, queuing up from a city or your LFG window, get your once-a-day goodie bag (appropriately a heart-shaped box), and never again have to deal with the pain of running it as often as you could, begging people to go that didn’t care about the drops so you could use their “summon.”

I’m running the event on both Arioch and Selwyn to double my chances of getting the mount drop.

“But you don’t care about mounts on Selwyn, why the hell would you do this?”

I’m looking forward. There is talk of pets going account wide with the introduction of WoW Pokemon in MoP. There is talk of extending that to include mounts as well. There’s also talk of making achievements account wide. (Which would be awesome as so many of my Wrath achievements are split between Arioch and Selwyn.)

So if I pass up the opportunity to get the mount on Selwyn, I could be kicking myself later. Technically, I should be doing it on Kaayn as well, but I’m not confident in my ability to DPS my way out of a paper bag.

Not that I should really let that stop me, as can be evidenced by the general performance in this encounter.

Yes, I’m “healing.” I even had that pally beat for a bit and was second in damage.

I don’t get mad about this. Everything that is supposed to die does with a minimum of fuss. It’s just hilarious to see the healer so far up on the meters. I don’t know that I can ever roll a different type of healer, the DPS to heal conversion is just too much fun for me. Maybe a monk… but pally, shaman, and druid just don’t interest me.

Second to the Love Rocket drop which may as well not exist for as often as I’ve heard of it dropping, there is a mount for purchase with Love Tokens.

Blizzard can be taught! Items that rely soley on RNG suck. And while there will always be a few of those, it’s nice to have something to actively work towards in between sacrificing gnomes to the RNG gods.

So the Swift Lovebird, or Pink Flamingo, is available for 270 tokens.

You get 5 for each of the dailies and a handful as a consolation prize when your heart-shaped box does not contain a Love Rocket or Kurt Cobain. You can also exchange 1 charm bracelet for 1 token. That means 10 lovely charms to 1 token. If you don’t do the dailies, that’s 2700 lovely charms.

Some people are hitting up HoL and decimating slags. Apparently the spawn rate is practically non-stop and there’s no pesky loot to pick up.

But here’s the problem, I LIKE the pesky loot. I like seeing the sparklies and getting the little rush of “ooooo! what did I get?” with every kill. I might end up over at HoL if I’m getting close to the wire and need to finish off a charm collection.

But my kill spot of choice is in Deepholme. I found the recommendation through Twitter, and damned if I can remember what site it was on… I thought I bookmarked it but I failed.

Anyways, there’s all these little troggs with a decent spawn rate and, for a tailor, an awesome cloth drop rate. I’m using the Potion of Treasure Finding which just adds to my “ooo shiny!” response. I’ve gotten a couple blue drops and a bunch of greens, many of which are selling nicely on the AH. I got enough cloth to finish off my first aid achievements. With the volatiles I’m getting out of the Tiny Treasure Chests, I think I’m going to devote some Dreamcloth to upgrading my bags.

I’m on a PvE server now, I don’t think this would work as well on a higher-pop PvP server. It’s actually sort of relaxing and I’m considering coming out here once in a while just to chill and slaughter everything in sight.

Pretty soon, I’ll have enough fashionable little charm bracelets to earn my flamingo.

And you thought this would be a post about farming old content for transmog gear.

7 comments on “Farming for Fashion

  1. Morrigu says:

    I spent 4 hours in HoL yesterday to get tokens for the bird. And I hate farming anything so I’m impressed with myself. I did start out in Deepholm but it got a bit crowded. But I have my bird! I never want to see HoL again but I got my bird!

    I’d love the rocket but I’m not that lucky with drops like that, it took years to get a Brewfest Ram and the Headless Horsemans Horse, and the only character who got the blue drake is my horde priest I don’t play. And as I can’t log on everyday I’m resigned to not getting it.


  2. Darraxus says:

    The “Flamingees” as my wife called it is BOE, so you could also buy it off of the AH. I bought one for 35k on day one for Wifey. They are going for around 20k now, but it was totally worth it.


    • Arioch says:

      I’m aiming to walk away from this event with 5 extra Flamingees. This is part of the master plan to “GET ARIOCH A FUCKING BLOODY SPECTRAL TIGER!!!!!” After the event, I’m hoping that prices may get back up to 50k+.


  3. Jess says:

    The Deepholm option, including the Treasure Finding potion was something I did at the beginning of event without any prompting. I had a Paladin friend that used to send me mail full of cloth (I’m a tailor on my main) and one day I asked where you got it all with what little time he’s actually online. He mentioned Deepholm… this was also 6+ months ago when I asked. I didn’t think much about how other people would figure out the neat trick of combining location with potion. >.> (I guess I don’t put enough faith in my fellow player)


    • Arioch says:

      I’ve done the quests out there at least once, but didn’t really pay attention to respawn rates. And even with an alchemist, I had never paid attention to what the potions did. I vaguely recalled people claiming they were getting banned for the use of them when Cata was new. Non-gathering farming isn’t my normal thing. I generally kill things to complete quests or get to the node, not for drops.


  4. […] I’m getting back in to the enjoyment of the game I’ve shared my obsession with obtaining Swift Lovebirds,  trials with my paladin, failure on my hunter, progress on my […]


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