Baby Steps

With Love is in the Air going on, I’m running a 2-pronged attack on the game.

First, I’m farming/hoarding tokens with the theory that I can obtain about 6 Swift Lovebirds over the course of the holiday. This is to move me along the “GET ARIOCH A FUCKING SWIFT SPECTRAL TIGER” track.

My second goal is to get my alts at sub-level 20 up to that magical level of “quit running everywhere on foot.” This will also help speed up the obtaining tokens for flamingos.

Thankfully, these work together rather well and I’ve been soaking up XP left and right handing out little bracelets.

The bank alt got taken out for a spin the other night to burn off her rested so it was the baby warrior’s turn.

Holiday dailies had gotten him up to level 18 and I was worried about leveling right out of the starter dungeons. I’m not too keen on showing up to a level 20+ dungeon with my special little vendor shield here.

Doubles as a cardboard frisbee

I even somehow have less health in my tank gear, I blame the shield.

Choices at level 18 are RFC, Deadmines, Wailing Caverns, and SFK.

Deadmines is just long and drawn out and a pain in the ass. Wailing Caverns even more so. (Even with all the rework they did on it, I’m still not interested.)

SFK I rather enjoy, but I felt RFC would be the best for dipping my toes in, especially as baby warriors have a very limited tanking tool kit.

And I know they are limited because Tir came over afterwards to look at my set up and kept flipping through my spellbook, “Do you have this? No. How about that? Nope. That thing over there? Negative. Well, you have shit.”

But for having hardly any tools, a warrior that I couldn’t keep threat off of (I think he may have thought he was tanking and the extra levels he had on me probably didn’t help my cause.), and sheer panic when I couldn’t remember what anything was mapped too we made it through relatively unscathed and all alive.

I was so worried about running up to the next mob before the DPS could get trigger happy that I totally forgot to watch my healer’s mana. But since I took hardly any damage in my heirloom taking gear, I’m pretty sure the healer was DPSing out of boredom.

There’s an ability or two I’ll be moving around to be more comfortable and Tir gave me a couple pointers (as well as setting me straight on what one of my shield-named spells did. Seriously, why do I not have an interrupt yet?)

So it may not have been much, but I can say that I successfully tanked something other than the floor!

4 comments on “Baby Steps

  1. telanarra says:

    “So it may not have been much, but I can say that I successfully tanked something other than the floor!” Which is a step better then Sorak :)


  2. Sorak says:

    Listen bitch! I don’t tank the floor as often as I used to. Mainly since I only play to raid now, and being that we don’t do HM’s yet, I only tank 2/7 fights!

    Though……..I do tank floor very often in TOR!


  3. […] As I’m getting back in to the enjoyment of the game I’ve shared my obsession with obtaining Swift Lovebirds,  trials with my paladin, failure on my hunter, progress on my warrior. […]


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